Toronto Fringe Fest 2011 Opening Day – Speeches, sprints, Visual Fringe and Art Wank

Wednesday was the official opening day of the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival. The opening ceremony included the Great Poster Sprint, a race for cast and crew members to run up and post their show posters on a giant wall. The ceremony was also attended by former mayor David Miller and David Mirvish of Mirvish Productions.

Read the rest of the entry for photos and videos of:

  • Video highlights of the speeches from David Mirvish and David Miller
  • Video of the Toronto Fringe Festival poster-sprint
  • Photos from the Opening Ceremonies, Visual Fringe and the Art Wank

Check out this short vid for the highlights:


Poster Sprint

The cast of Radioactive Drag Queens of the Year 3000
In The Trenches cast alongside a satyr from Euripides' Cyclops
Suicide(s) In Vegas actors with Shlong Form Improv actors
Former Toronto mayor David Miller taking a photo with "Stephen Harper" (from the production The Cage)
Poster Sprint

Visual Fringe
The inaugural season of Visual Fringe took place in the Honest Ed’s alleyway. 100% of art sales go back to the artists. These art booths will be open every night of Fringe from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm., "Fringe Tourist Trap"
Haley Ball, "Lossless"
David Swartz,
Marvin Antonio, in front of his partner Adam Brooks' painting; "Alterity" collection
Bekky O'Neil,, "Cabinet of Curiosity"


Art Wank
Art Wank is an outdoor platform which anyone can book and do whatever they’d like for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Actors performing for passersby on the Art Wank stage

See this Flickr set for more Fringe photos.

4 thoughts on “Toronto Fringe Fest 2011 Opening Day – Speeches, sprints, Visual Fringe and Art Wank”

  1. Pretty sure that’s a giant head of Stephen Harper, not Rob Ford. I know that we get them mixed-up pretty easily… possibly from “The Cage”?

  2. I agree,it looks far more Harperish than Fordish.

    The writer will change it, I’m about to run out to a million shows (6 today, wheee).

    In our defence, this was posted at 5:06am, we were all up pretty late last night. ;)

  3. No worries! Just wanted to make sure that the right show got credit. I can tell you, having just come home from the show, that it is definitely from The Cage. Pretty cool use of the head in the show, if you ask me!

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