reSURGEnce (Kendra Hughes and Kinetic Elements) 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival Dance Interviews


Kinetic Elements, Kendra Hughes front and centre

Kinetic Elements returns to the Toronto Fringe for an exploration of social issues including the protests at last year’s G20 summit.  Artistic director and choreographer Kendra Hughes answers some questions.

LR: This is your second time doing the Toronto Fringe? What draws you to the Fringe Festival?

KH: The Toronto Fringe Festival is a fast, fun and great way to introduce your company to audience that you might not otherwise reach. It is an amazing opportunity to produce a show as an independent company. We feel incredibly lucky to participate two years in a row!

LR: For those who have never seen your work before, what would you say your work is all about?

KH: My work is a fusion of dance styles. My dance background includes a collection of styles; I started in modern dance, graduated college in a ballet based program and worked professionally as a hip hop dancer.  All of those disciplines contribute to my current work now. This year my focus was to communicate issues that are important to the [Toronto] community through dance.

LR: reSURGEnce has to do with a lot of social issues and seems to be very focused on some of the specific issues in Toronto. I’m intrigued about dealing with the G20 summit through dance: how have you approached this?

KH: The choreography for the G20 piece has been a year in the making almost. At first the inspiration for movement came from watching videos on YouTube of people that were involved in the G20 protests.  From there we participated in the workshop Series 8:08 Take Two program, where we were able to get feedback twice from the experience.  Over time I have had many conversations with the dancers about the event and about the characters they will play. As the final touch, we had someone come in to teach the dancers some fight choreography.

LR: What is your musical score for this show and why?

KH: The musical score this year is varied between instrumental techno tracks to ambient sounds to no music at all. Each track was chosen by the choreographer to fit the feel and theme of each individual piece.

LR: What is the narrative thread to your show –is there a narrative thread? How is it all put together?

KH: The show is connected through the common thread of social issues. There are pieces about beauty, the loss of control one feels when they are labeled and the G20. Together they make our show reSURGEnce.


Kinetic Elements Presents:


as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival

 Where: Factory Mainspace Theatre

125 Bathurst St Toronto

 When: Saturday July 9  @ 9:15pm

Sunday July 10   @ 1:15pm

Monday July 11  @ 8:30pm

Wednesday July 13  @ 3:30pm

Thursday July 14 @ 11:00pm

Friday July 15 @ 4:00pm

Saturday July 16 @ 2:15pm

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