Cendrillon (LastName FirstName Productions & Common Descent) 2011 Toronto Fringe Review

My last show of this year’s Fringe was Cendrillon; a modern re-telling of Perrault’s popular fairy tale.

This piece caught me completely by surprise in the best way possible. There is very little dialogue; in fact, Cendrillon only says two words through the entire show. However, there are a lot of booming sound effects and purely acoustic musical pieces that are a mix of punchy pop and classical opera.  All of these sounds create the perfect mood for the show.

The entire story is conveyed through movement and dance; combining fluid ballet moves and intense modern dance styles.

The physicality of this piece is phenomenal. All three actors, Cendrillon and the two step-sisters, are marvellous. They play their parts with great drama, passion and conviction.

This is not the traditional fairy tale. There is a Bar Mitzvah instead of a ball, a cute teenage boy instead of a prince and the step-sisters are mean valley girls who say, “like” a whole lot.

In case you couldn’t tell, I loved this show. It was very different from everything else I have seen and a lovely way for me to end the festival. If you’re looking to see something with stunning dance movements, you have to go see this show.


Cendrillon plays at Tarragon Theatre.


Sat, July 16 6:15 PM

Photo credit to Ingrid Forster. In photo: Patricia Allison (Cendrillon)


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