2012 Next Stage Theatre Festival Review: LoveSexMoney

Looking for a smart, sophisticated comedy that will keep you laughing for an hour and a half and also provide some social commentary? Well, LoveSexMoney at the Next Stage Festival delivers this in a perfect sexy package. The show takes a very witty, modern look at the relationship between love, sex, money and everything in between.

Although there are some over the top concepts within the show, that make it hilarious, I found it to be very relatable and honest overall. A grown-up and extremely well written concept that takes a believable look at relationships in this day and age, where everyone grows up too fast and there’s really no magic or romance left. It’s all about being practical and making the best business decision. But, did I mention it’s absolutely hilarious? 

The show is basically divided into three stories that tie all the characters together over different timelines. The acting is fantastic and the comedic timing is impeccable. I was also surprised to see a full cast of six people, which was very different from most Fringe shows I saw this year. So, if you prefer a show with an ensemble cast, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

I’m not going to give you any more details about the show but it’s one you should definitely watch. My date really enjoyed it and so did the women seated behind me. There was non-stop laughter during the performance and roaring applause after. Let’s just say it’s a great way to spend an evening and have something to talk about over drinks later.

– All Next Stage Theatre Festival performances are being held at Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst)
– Tickets for all shows are $15 for Evening Performances (7:00 and after start time), $12 for Afternoon Performances (6:59 or before start time) and $10 for Ante-chamber performances

-Show times for LoveSexMoney are:

JAN 4 / 7:15
JAN 7 / 6:45
JAN 8 / 9:15
JAN 9 / 8:15
JAN 10 / 6:00
JAN 12 / 7:00
JAN 13 / 7:15
JAN 14 / 9:15
JAN 15 / 4:45