Cheap Theatre in Toronto for the Week of April 2, 2012

Five For Twenty (or Less)

As always, this week’s cheap theatre post features five shows that are all $20 or less. In the spirit of Easter we’ve featured a play about a magical Easter hunt and a classic kids show. We also have three additional shows to choose from including a period musical, an improv show, and a mysterious folktale musical. There’s plenty of variety so get out there and enjoy some theatre.

EASTERWEEN (John Southworth and Andrew Downing). A musical cabaret tells a magic-realist tale about a mythical egg hunt during an eternal winter. Apr 4-5. $15. Lower Ossington Theatre, 100A Ossington.

HEART STRINGS, THE MUSICAL (Reynold Nathaniel). In 1908, an Italian apprentice goes to Ireland to deliver an anniversary gift from Germany. Opens Mar 23 and runs to Apr 28. $20-$25.The Annex Live, 296 Brunswick. 416-929-3999.

JACK AND THE GIANT BEANSTALK by Linda A Carson (Young People’s Theatre). This version of the classic children’s folk tale features audience participation. Opens Apr 2 and runs to Apr 21. $10-$20. 165 Front E. 416-862-2222,

THE CARNEGIE HALL SHOW The National Theatre of the World presents a monthly improv show w/ Matt Baram, Naomi Sniekus, Ron Pederson, Chris Gibbs and guests. Mar 2 Doors 10:30 pm, Apr 6 Doors 10:30 pm. $12, stu $6. Second City, 51 Mercer. 416-343-0011,

THE WOLF by Edmund Stay (Michelle Nir). An outbreak of strange murders lead paranoid townsfolk to turn on each other in this folktale musical play. Apr 7-8 at 8 pm. $15. 918 Bathurst Centre, 918 Bathurst.