Love Notwithstanding (A Vancouver Co-Op)

Views on life, love and relationships can be found in Red Sandcastle Theatre’s Love Notwithstanding in Toronto

Set in the intimate venue of Red Sandcastle Theatre and written and acted by accomplished performer Grant Tilly, Love Notwithstanding gives us an up close and personal glimpse of a relationship at its crossroad.

Combining the talented efforts of two established Toronto actors with a story most people can relate to at one point in their life, this production is engaging and accessible.

Jet-setting between Vancouver and Toronto, Chris, performed by Tilly himself, is a self-proclaimed “New Age, Buddhist, Agnostic”, reconnecting with Jenna in Vancouver. As the two agree to keep their relationship limited and within a month’s time, truths and emotions begin to surface forcing them to question their fate with one another.

Most of the play is centered around each character’s complicated view on love, life and relationships. The dialogue is heartfelt and honest. Tilly’s characters are well-crafted and the writing is intelligent and humorous.

Sarah English as Jenna, is calm, collected, controlled and candid. Natural and real, English has a lovely stage charm. Tilly as the unattached yet sensitive Chris is the perfect contrast of energy and impulsivity, bursting with uncertainty about life and his career. Both Tilly and English show great chemistry, creating believable roles.

The Red Sandcastle Theatre works well once again as the backdrop for the apartment setting. This is the second show I’ve seen in this space, however, from a different angle this time. Contemporary furniture and small space living add to the sense of living in Vancouver.

Most of the action moves from the kitchen where much of the wine-drinking and conversations take place, and sometimes moving to the couch. I especially loved the moments we got to hear Chris share his songs with Jenna. Tilly not only shows good acting chops but the voice to go with it.

Love Notwithstanding is a play about making authentic connections, making choices and sometimes having to make sacrifices. A consummate artist, Grant Tilly creates for us a sweet and endearing play.


Love Notwithstanding is playing at the Red Sandcastle Theatre (922 Queen Street East) at 8pm on Wednesday-Saturday, May 9th-May 20th.

-Tickets cost $20 for adults and $15 for students/seniors/art workers. Advance tickets may be purchased by calling 416-845-9411.

-For more information visit

Photograph of Sarah English as Jenna and Grant Tilly as Chris provided by Meghan Hoople