Two Weird Ladies – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

 From press release
 Two Weird Ladies explode onto the stage in… 
Awkward sketch comedy that’s all hits by two Misses.

(TORONTO – MAY 25, 2012) Take two neurotic women with rage issues, throw them into a number of socially awkward scenarios then deprive them of sleep. What you get is a heap of unfortunately relatable, highly energetic sketches designed to make you laugh, think – and possibly run for your life.

Comedy duo Two Weird Ladies is the compatible mixture of Mandy Sellers, who is set to join the cast of The Second City National Touring Company this summer and was nominated for a 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female Improviser, and Laura Salvas, a 2009 Toronto Standup Comedy Brawl Finalist. The pair bonded while studying with The Second City Conservatory rogram under director Kerry Griffin (multiple Canadian Comedy Award winner; The Second City mainstage alumni & director).

The Ladies realized their unique situation of balancing 9-5 careers with full-time comedy schedules would create the perfect compound for a sketch duo they theoretically had no time for. They write by opening a laptop and a beer, then riffing off each other
until they both pass out from exhaustion.

Two Weird Ladies Bomb The Fringe, which premieres at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse Friday, July 6th, is a labyrinth of eccentric sketches inspired by real-life scenarios with an added touch of crazy. Whether depicting grandchildren singing about death at Nana’s 90th birthday, farmers competing to out-organic each other, bride-bashing wedding guests or office workers with unattainable dreams, Two Weird Ladies present a mélange of characters, relationships and premises any slightly deranged Fringe-goer can relate to. Except for the part of the show where the Ladies try to blow up the theatre – only the severely deranged can relate to that.

Two Weird Ladies performed to a sold-out crowd as part of The Boston Comedy Arts Festival in September and will be playing the 2012 Hamilton Fringe Festival this July. Meantime, they aim to please the Toronto crowds with their surreal take on reality and apologize in advance if they succeed in bombing the Fringe.

Two Weird Ladies
In association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents
Two Weird Ladies Bomb The Fringe written by Laura Salvas & Mandy Sellers
Directed by Kirsten Gallagher
Starring Laura Salvas & Mandy Sellers
Lighting Design by Meg Maguire
Stage Managed by Meg Maguire & Jesse Morrison
Opens Friday, July 6th; Runs to Saturday, July 14th
At the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse
79 St. George Street, #302
Performances (all performances run 60 minutes):

Friday July 6th – 1:15pm
Saturday July 7th – 9:15pm
Monday July 9th – 10:45pm
Tuesday July 10th – 4:45pm
Thursday July 12th – 9:30pm
Friday July 13th – 5:15pm
Saturday July 14th – 1:45pm

Media members please note there is absolutely no latecomer seating.
Ticket prices:  $11 in advance, $10 at the door

Tickets: available from June 15thby phone at 416-966-1062, online at or via, or in person from July 4th – 15th at the Festival Box Office..