The First Canadian President of the United States – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

From Press Release


(Already regarded by some as the best title for a Fringe show in years.)

Meet Kimberley White-White.  She’s a very nice girl and she likes to run. Watch this Manitoban as she runs right across Canada and straight into Parliament.  Then gasp as she and her bad Daddy, and her chutney-loving husband Todd, run from Sussex Drive right to the very top, higher than any Canadian has ever gone before.  Priscilla Yakielashek performs a fast-paced satirical farce from Fringe favorite Jem Rolls.

*President White-White’s team might finesse an interview into her tight schedule.  But don’t mention Kimmy’s Alaskan Campaign Fiasco.  If Alaska isn’t Canada, what’s it doing there?

She’s part Danielle Smith, part Chauncey Gardner, part Forrest Gump.

For, in 2084, intelligence is long out of fashion.  Which suits Kimmy fine: it was never her style anyhow.  And it’s done much better and cheaper by machines and foreigners.

Because it’s presented as a farce
but in fact it’s a scifi political thriller,
it’s a little silly,
it’s a highly original character piece
it’s just a touch of the sad forbidden romance,
it’s a fast-paced dystopic unfantasy of a colonised sweatshop North America,
it’s a gag-heavy fringey monologue,
it’s a sophisticated one-handed two-hander
and it’s a tight farce.
And it’s all thrown into a nightmare future where a Sarah Palin type rules the world.

  • English Performance Poet Jem Rolls is a legend across Canada’s Fringe Circuit. His shows are amongst the most successful fringe shows there have ever been.
  • His 2012 poetry show, TEN STARTS AND AN END has been given a prestigious slot as a fundraiser at this year’s Toronto Fringe.
  • His first play, a downright daft post-modern pisstaking two-hander, The Same Joke Twice, was a raging hit in Edmonton last year. It received a coveted 4 1/2 Star Review from the Edmonton Journal, while achieving multiple sellouts.
  • This very different one-woman comedy is his second play.

U of W trained actor Priscilla Yakielashek plays Kimmy White-White. She recently received two rare awards for her MFA in Playwriting at the U of A; a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship, and an Alberta Heritage Scholarship.

Thurs, July 5, 8:15
Sat July 7, 9:45
Sun, July 8, 1:45
Tues, July 10, 10:45
Weds, July 11, 2:30
Thurs, July 12, 3:30
Sat, July 14, 3:30


Note: In photos, Priscilla Yakielashek as The First Canadian President Of The United States.