Honour Killings – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

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Honour Killings
A Modern Tragedy.

A modern tragedy about family violence and a displaced sense of home, HONOUR KILLINGS is a play with immediate socio-political and culturally relevant content. Four women are drowned after bringing “dishonour” to their family in this tale of people caught between cultures and a household taught that “family is priority”.

“This play is about a family that went horribly wrong and the Canadian systems and society that failed them,” says director Stevie Jay. “This is also about a family caught between worlds and countries. HONOUR KILLINGS is a tragedy and a lot of people do not know that these tragedies exist, let alone the details of how they might happen. Our job is to share the story.”

Playwright Harvey Markowitz, winner of a CBC-TV script contest, “Mara Ad Mara”, and our Rewriter, Caroline Azar, lead singer of “She Said Boom: Fifth Column” 2012 Hot Docs – “NNNN” from NOW, worked with director Stevie Jay, to craft this play into being a slice of tragic reality. The actors joining that journey include Supinder Wraich (a supporting lead in “Textuality” opposite Jason Lewis (“Sex in The City), and Eric McCormick of “Will and Grace”), Reza Sholeh (lead “Lost Journey” North American theatrical release April 2011), and Lise Cormier of CBC Radio’s award-winning “Backbencher”.

HONOUR KILLINGS explores a world behind closed doors: how a family disintegrates into tragic violence after “dishonour” and shame are brought home, due to cultural and religious differences.

Avenal Players in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents:
Honour Killings Written and Original Script by Harvey Markowitz
Rewritten by Caroline Azar Directed by Stevie Jay

Starring: Lise Cormier, Shobha Hatte, Mirra Kardonne, Carole Miles, David Occhipinti, Reza Sholeh and Supinder Wraich

Lighting design by Jamie Sample
Sound design by Christopher Pugh
Stage Management by Victoria Wang

Asst. Stage Management by Lily Mills
Additional Producing by Christopher Douglas

Opens July 4 and runs to July 15, 2012
The Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse, 78A St. George St

Wed July 4 – 10:00pm Sat July 7 – 5:15pm Mon July 9 – 6:45pm Tues July 10 – 12:45pm
Wed July 11 – 1:45pm Sat July 14 – 8:45pm Sun July 15 – 1:45pm

Ticket Prices:
Tickets are $10 at the door, $11 in advance.
Discount passes available.

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