Announcement: Factory Theatre’s community responds to Ken Gass Firing

The note published below is a response to the firing of Ken Gass as the Artistic Director of Factory Theatre  and is written by his son, Ed Gass-Donnelly. The press release from the Factory Theatre board can be found here.

To the Factory Theatre Board of Directors:


I’m writing in protest of your abrupt termination of Ken Gass as Factory Theatre’s Artistic Director last week. I enclose a petition with more than 2600 names calling for Ken’s re-instatement and the Board’s resignation.

First, I must confess that Ken is my father, so it may seem easy to write this off as a familial bias. However, I dare you each to read through the full petition, not just the most recognizable names but also the many passionate comments.  You cannot ignore the 2600+ voices. There’s no way the Factory will have any future credibility with this board in place.

Obviously each of you cares about the theatre. It’s not my intent to suggest you don’t like Factory.  But it’s not your theatre.The Factory belongs to the community that it serves. And you are its trustees.The 2600+ people that have signed this petition ARE the community, yet you continue to ignore the very people you are sworn to serve.You need to acknowledge this.This protest group became 2600 strong in less than a week, and the flood of signatures continues.  At what point will you listen? At what point will you do what is right?  The undersigned are not only the playwrights, the directors and actors, they include producers and artistic directors. The donors.   Our cultural leaders.And most importantly, they are Factory Theatre’s audience.When governments lose the confidence of their constituents, they resign.  Now you must do the same.   But read the names. Read the passionate pleas.   And resign.

The petition and signatures can be found here

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  1. Boycott and withold all support for The factory Theather until the board’s resignation. The power is not in the hands of the few, but the many, it is about time to flex our muscle.

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