Review: Bitch Salad Gives Back (Bitch Salad)

Bitch Salad’s Annual Star-Studded Pride Gala at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Toronto

I went to see  Bitch Salad Gives Back (Bitch Salad) at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre on Friday June 29. I took my pal Bianca along with me.  We’re both big fans of queer comedy and Bianca has a great laugh.

The house was packed when host Andrew Johnson took the stage. He treated us to the usual fare of topical jokes.

The first performer was stand-up comedian Christina Walkinshaw. Her self-deprecating take on body hair removal had the gentlemen behind me in stitches.

Emma Hunter delivered high-octane celebrity impressions.

Julia Hladkowicz heightened her set with physical comedy.

Shangela Laquifa stole the first half of the show. She quipped on border security, bath salts and Cinderella.

The second half of the show commenced with a bang. The Cheeto Girls performed musical parodies in memoriam of Donna Summer, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.

Finally, Gavin Crawford, master of diction and delivery, delighted us with impressions of Alan Rickman as the wizard Severus Snape and Canadian musician Rufus Wainwright.

A few of the pop culture references were lost on both Bianca and me. Our ignorance did not detract from our enjoyment, however.

Bitch Salad Gives Back
played at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre on June 29, 2012.

Photo by Alejandro Santiago of Andrew Johnson and Shangela Laquifa.