Numbers – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

From Press Release

Numbers: a captivating look at a story of love, loss and hope


“I was here and this is my story.” Her message is simple. In sixty minutes, you will be taken on a journey of love, fear and hope told through the eyes of one young girl in WWll.

The numbering of persons in Jewish law is forbidden as it destroys the uniqueness of the individual and reduces a person, to a statistic. It was a convenient method of extermination. Lives stripped of identities and dreams.

Kokus Productions is proud to present some of Toronto’s finest dancers, performers and artists in this truly engaging story. Conceptualized through theatre and stunning contemporary dance pieces from swing to hip-hop, making this 1930’s story modern, while (a: never losing sight of the sensitive subject that has been explored in so many ways before.) (b: still keeping the integrity of this sensitive subject that has been explored so many times before).

Director & Producer: Lukas Press
Co-Director & Co- Producer: Rebecca Reinhart
Assistant & Production Manager: Kay-Ann Ward
Script & Song Writer, Acting & Vocal Coach: Robyn Kay-Pilarski
Our Little Star: Ella Ballentine

Trina Josdal, Karissa Polsom, Hannah Macdonald, Natalie Dee, Sebestian
Hirtenstein, Mateo Galindo Tores, Nicholas Eichenberger, Kyla Taylor M, Rachel
Cowal, Davin Furtado, Patricia Kallidis, Emilea Smith, Nikky Passmore , Camille

Lukas Press ,Kay-Ann Ward, Rebecca Reinhart, Shameka Blake, Jen Oleksiuk, Kate
Knox, Marta Ess.

Make up artist, Video, Graphic Design: Natasha Kudashkina
Artist/Painter: Rhonda Nolan
Costume Designer: Ghada Hamandi and Laura Ireton

Factory Theatre
125 Bathurst Street @ Adelaide Street

Fri July 6 7pm -8pm
Sat July 7 Noon -1pm
Mon July 9 6:45 PM -7:45
Wed July 11 11:00 PM – 12am
Thu July 12 5:45 PM – 6:45pm
Sat July 14 5:45 PM – 6:45pm
Sun July 15 1: 45 PM – 2:45pm

Prices: $10 at the door, $11 in advance
Visit or (416) 966-1062 to purchase