Review: P-Dale Episode 2, “The Next Day is the Hardest Day of All!” (Unit 102 Actors’ Company)

Spend a hilarious evening in Toronto’s gritty Parkdale neighbourhood with Unit 102’s latest show, P-Dale episode 2

I saw P-Dale: Episode 2 on opening night at Unit 102 Theatre. I hadn’t seen episode 1 but I remember hearing it was funny during last year’s Fringe Festival. Anyhow, you’ll be glad to know that whether or not you’ve seen episode 1 it makes no difference to the hilarity of this play.

First of all let me tell you that the staff at the theatre are so nice and friendly that it created a very welcoming atmosphere. And the prices on beer didn’t hurt either. A $10 (or more) donation gets you three beverages, either beer or wine, and unlimited snacks. Not a bad way to spend an evening. 

So getting back to the show, I found P-Dale to be a laugh riot. I think I laughed all the way through the first act as did most of the audience. The characters in this show are so well developed. All the gangster talk, drug trafficking and committing other felonies reminded me of growing up in Rexdale. There truly are people that live and talk this way. Maybe that’s what made it even more hilarious to me.

Every character brings something to the show but I have to say that Twizzle, played by Luis Fernandes, steals the show. He’s so intense and delivers every line with such conviction that it’s impossible to believe this is acting and not really just him. He is also the playwright in this case and every scene delivers joke after joke. The script is tight and witty.

I was impressed at how well the tiny space at Unit 102 was used and I thought they pulled off some pretty cool sets. There is a video component as well which helps tie the story together.

I watched the show with two friends that night and they both had very different opinions. One laughed all the way through and had a great time, her only negative comment was that it felt a little scattered in bits. The other wasn’t impressed at all and said that the jokes felt forced and like they were hitting her on the head with them. Well, I totally disagree with the latter. I think when you’re poking fun at stereotypes they can be a little in your face but that’s what makes them funny.

The show’s episodic feel really comes through and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It feels like watching a sitcom and I can’t wait to see what twists and turns Episode 3 brings. I would recommend this show as an alternative to going to the movies. A cheap, fun  way to spend the evening with some friends and beer!


P-Dale is playing at Unit 102 Theatre Studio (367 Dufferin St) till October 27, 2012.
– Performances run October 17-20 & 24-27 at 8pm.
– Tickets are $15
– Tickets can be purchased by emailing, calling 416-532-4422 or at the door.