BURNT…and toasted! – Toronto Fringe 2013 Press Release

From press release:

BURNTMusic, dance and the spoken word come together in celebrated singer/songwriter Donna Greenberg’s BURNT…and toasted!, a one-woman show about love…and love gone wrong. Co-created by musician and  lyricist Jordan Klapman, BURNT…and toasted! is playing July 5-13, 2013 at the Tarragon Extra Space, as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. Inspired by true-life events, BURNT…and toasted! chronicles one woman’s tale of love, loss and her rise from the ashes. Tickets are available beginning June 17 via www.fringetoronto.com, by telephone at 416-966-1062 (ext.1), or at the door.

Once burnt, where do you find the fire and passion to rediscover self-worth? BURNT…and toasted! is a one woman musical show based on the life of performer Donna Greenberg. Through her journey, Donna discovers a courage that she never knew she possessed, and with it rises to rebuild a life filled with dreams she had never dared to dream before, where success is the sweetest revenge. BURNT…and toasted! is the story of a joyous mid-life rebirth. 

A taste of the media praise for Donna Greenberg:

“I love the way her voice caresses a lyric…The magic of Greenberg’s voice is that it feels like she’s singing to you and only you.  There’s an intimacy to these songs that is rare in this day and age – something precious to be savored and enjoyed…” ~ GONZO MAGAZINE

“Canadian recording artist Donna Greenberg has one hell of a sexy voice” ~ Mississauga News

BURNT…and toasted! features multi-talented recording artist  Donna Greenberg (Song In The Wind, 2012; Mav’rik, 2010), and Musical Director Jordan Klapman (The Yiddish Swingtet’s SHUL DAYS, 2007; 100 Years of Waller, 2004) on keys.  Valary Cook (How to Hunt a Woolly Mammoth, Village Playhouse; Into the Woods, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, TDSB; New Ideas Festival) directs BURNT…and toasted!

Check out Donna’s YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/DonnaGreenbergMusic

More info available via www.theatreadmin.com/event/fringe-donna-greenberg-burnt-and-toasted/

or www.donnagreenberg.com

Show information for BURNT…and toasted!:


Tarragon Extra Space
30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto ON M5R 1X3


Fri July 5 – 11:00pm

Sat July 6 – 12:00pm

Mon July 8 – 10:45pm

Tues July 9 – 5:15pm

Thurs July 11 – 10:30pm

Fri July 12 – 7:30pm

Sat July 13 –1:45pm

Please note there is absolutely no latecomer seating.


$10 at the door (cash only)
Or $11 in advance ($9 + $2 SC, Visa or MasterCard)
beginning June 17 via www.fringetoronto.com or 416-966-1062 ext. 1