Nobody’s Idol (Alexandra Lean Productions) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review

Cast of Nobody's Idol Photo by- Marlene Handrahan

We live in a fame-obsessed culture. The popularity of the Kardashians and Paris Hilton point to the fact that we somehow value fame as a legitimate goal in and of itself. Nobody’s Idol presented by Alexandra Lean as part of the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival attempts a satirical examination of our society’s fetishization of fame. 

Nobody’s Idol is a musical spoof of the now dime-a-dozen singing competitions on network TV that promise to launch average shmoes to the heights of superstardom overnight. The show is hosted by the whimsical physical personification of Fame itself, the contestants and judges are send-ups of the archetypal characters you typically see on these televised talent contests.

While Nobody’s Idol is supposed to be a satirical look at fame and does have some genuinely funny moments I thought the script lacked focus and the satire lacked depth, robbing it of any real bite.

For a musical, I didn’t find the songs particularly memorable or effective at conveying character. I also thought the composition style was awkward; the songs are structured more like sung monologues and lack musicality.

The cast delivers a smattering of uneven performances. Jory Rossiter is the stand-out in the larger-than-life role of Fame. He delivers the material with real conviction.

Siona Jackson’s choreography is probably the strongest element of the production, it looks polished and well-executed. The show’s movement design outshines its script and music.

I also felt that the show had significant pacing problems. It felt repetitive and really started to drag out by the mid-way point. Several scenes could be edited down or cut to make the show a lot tighter.

Overall, I think the concept is serviceable and there might be a great show in there somewhere but Nobody’s Idol needs more work before it’s ready for prime time.


  • Nobody’s Idol plays at the Randolph Theatre, Venue 4 (736 Bathurst St.)
  • Show times: July 04 08:45 PM, July 06 05:15 PM, July 08 12:45 PM, July 09 06:45 PM, July 10 03:30 PM, July 12 05:15 PM, July 13 11:00 PM
  • All individual Fringe tickets are $10 at the door (cash only). Tickets are available online at, by phone at 416-966-1062, in person at the Fringe Club, 581 Bloor St. W, July 3rd-14th, noon – 10pm (Advance tickets are $11 – $9+$2 service charge)
  • Value packs are available if you plan to see at least 5 shows

Photo of the cast of Nobody’s Idol Photo by Marlene Handrahan