Kill, Sister, Kill (Kid Switchblade) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review

The cast of Kill, Sister, Kill: Stefne Mercedes, Nicola Atkinson, Luke Slade and Jamieson Child

My friend Dick Valentine from Electric Six once told me that rock and roll without fun and danger is pointless. I think the people responsible for Kill, Sister, Kill got expelled from the same school of thought, because their Fringe play is like a big old Cadillac, barrelling down the interstate, with a jet engine bolted to the trunk. These people like fun and high-voltage danger. These are my kind of people.

The play is a musical. There is a three-piece band playing the score stage left. I found the women sexy. It’s written in the style of old exploitation movies. This is so my drink of choice–my “preferred poison”.

It’s easy to make a lousy, campy work of art. It’s a huge amount of work to make a campy work of art that kicks ass. Kill, Sister, Kill kicks ass. The rehearsals, the work, the care and passion all pay off here. The handout, the teaser video, everything is so well done!

Want to know about the plot? Well, that’s almost secondary, but I’ll tell you about it. A “woman of the evening” visits her sister in Manhattan. Her sister is just that, a sister. They go out for a night on the town and things go wrong, very wrong. One woman is killed. Sister Lily loses her voice and loses Him.

Sister Lily then goes on a mission of vengeance. Is vengeance one of those commandment-type deals? It doesn’t matter. If you miss Kill, Sister, Kill, you might be a sinner!

Sure, it’s ridiculous, but boy, is it ever fun. Chocolate fudge seems like yoga and carrot sticks next to this delicious treat. Indulge!

They mention Grease in the play, and like that show, this is a great ensemble. Stefne Mercedes (Lily), Nicola Atkinson (Kitty), Luke Slade (Dagger), Jamieson Child (Ronnie) and Jaclyn Nobrega (Waitress), I really can’t put into words how much I enjoyed your performance. Thanks!

I’d like to see this become a franchise. Kill, Sister, Kill: Detroit. Kill, Sister, Kill: Venice. Maybe a Moscow edition with cameos from Pussy Riot could work.


  • Kill, Sister, Kill  plays at Factory Mainspace, (125 Bathurst St.)
  • Performances are:
    July 05 07:00 PM
    July 06 12:00 PM
    July 08 06:45 PM
    July 10 03:30 PM
    July 11 04:00 PM
    July 13 02:15 PM
    July 14 01:45 PM


  • Tickets for all productions are $10 at the door, cash only.
  • Advance tickets are $11, and can be purchased online, by phone (416-966-1062 ext. 1), or from the festival box office at the Fringe Club. (Rear of Honest Ed’s, 581 Bloor St. West)
  • Money-saving value packs are also available; see website for details.
  • LATECOMERS ARE NEVER ADMITTED TO FRINGE SHOWS. To avoid disappointment, be sure to arrive a few minutes before curtain.