The Late Night Tonight Show LIVE in the Morning with CHICKA BOOM! (Chicka Boom) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review

Chicka Boom | Toronto Fringe

What would happen if two funny ladies with feminist agendas took over a late night talk show? That is what I went to find out when I saw The Late Night Tonight Show LIVE in the Morning with CHICKA BOOM! at the intimate back room at the Free Times Cafe.  For starters I found out it was not two funny ladies but nine, and they rocked it.

Set up like a traditional late night talk show with musical accompaniment and reluctantly humorous stage manager. The only difference was that the hosts of this show were two women, with a feminist agenda.  Really this feminist agenda was not so much radical as it was comical. And it certainly did not keep the men away, it was clear that they loved the acts just as much as us lady folks.

I especially liked it when they shared their top five underrated feminists with us. These ranged from Todd Akin for educating women on “legitimate” rape to our very own Rob Ford. I enjoyed their use of satire to highlight and make fun of the ol’ misogynists. As for number one you will have to head over to the Free Times Cafe to find out.

Laura Bailey and Jess Beaulieu were the hosts of the evening and make up the comedy duet known as Chicka Boom. After Natalie Norman warmed up the audience our hosts got started with our evening of laughs. After a couple of amusing skits we got introduced to their guests for the evening including partners in crime Jess Grant and Paloma Nunez, Anne Hathaway (A.K.A. Jocelyn Geddie), stand up comedian extraordinaire Sara Hennessey, character actor Danz Alvater, and the always lovely musical guest Kimberly Persona to finish off the night. The range of guests and variety of acts provided a nice change of pace and flow to the evening.

Bailey and Beaulieu host different guests each show, so every night will be different. These women are reclaiming feminism and putting their own funny spin on it. The Late Night Tonight Show LIVE in the Morning with CHICKA BOOM! is a great show that anyone should enjoy regardless of political leanings.


The Late Night Tonight Show LIVE in the Morning with CHICKA BOOM! is playing at Free Times Café (320 College Street)


July 09 07:00 PM
July 10 07:00 PM
July 12 10:30 PM
July 13 07:00 PM


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In the photo: Jess Beaulieu and Laura Bailey. Photographer: Chantale Renee