Drowning in Wasabi (actwright theatre) 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival

drowning in wasabi

The title of this production was the first thing that made me want to see this show. It piqued my curiosity, stimulated my senses and to be honest, made me want to eat a little hot wasabi. With some sushi ofcourse.  Kent Lam’s Fringe show, Drowning in Wasabi, had me smiling throughout. The show was a collection of creative monologues delivered by talented actors who really embodied their characters.

There is nothing that makes me happier than watching a show that has a well-written script and actors with great comedic timing. With all the rain pouring down today putting a damper on people’s spirits, the cast of Drowning in Wasabi sure knew how to lighten up the mood and provide us some great entertainment!

What I absolutely love about the Fringe is that it is open and inclusive of all artists. Because of the great lottery system, Actwright Theatre got through and Kent Lam produced a heartwarming diverse show speaking about subject matter we can all relate to. Like wasabi!

The show opened with some freestyle dancing from all of the cast members. I wanted to join in on the wasabi freestyle as the characters did their thing on stage giving the audience a taste of what was to come. Following the dance sequence, the actors took the stage one by one and performed their monologues.

The director, Stevie Jay, did a wonderful job of putting this all together so that it made sense how each character related to one another. What was a bit distracting were the set changes in between each monologue. The set changes were necessary, but I think a more efficient way to transition from scene-to-scene could help the story flow better.

I love that the show touches on topics such as dealing with economic barriers, teenage motherhood, homosexuality, finding love, and coping with loss/death. Bravo to Kent Lam for highlighting some of these very important issues. Overall, Drowning in Wasabi is a feel good play that can be enjoyed by everyone. Check it out at the Tarragon Mainspace.



Tarragon Theatre Main space
30 Bridgman Ave  Toronto, ON M5R 1X3


July 08 10:15 PM
July 10 11:00 PM
July 12 01:45 PM
July 13 12:30 PM
July 14 07:30 PM


  • At-the-door tickets: $10
  • At-the-door tickets are available at the Tarragon Main Space starting one hour prior to show time – cash sales only.
  • Advance tickets: $11
  • Advance tickets go on sale June 15, 2013
  • Purchase online: fringetoronto.com
  • By Phone: 416-966-1062, ext 1
  • In Person: During the Festival Box Office in the parking lot behind Honest Ed’s (581 Bloor St W)

Photo of cast provided by Actwright theatre