Review: Weather The Weather or How We Make It Home Together (Theatre Columbus)

Bundle up for this unique outdoor theatrical experience playing at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works

Weather The Weather or How We Make It Home Together’s title pretty aptly encapsulates the experience of the show. This is night-time outdoor theatre, in Canada, in December, and there is plenty of weathering the weather to be had.

Weather The Weather was “inspired by winter, the Canadian Shield and our indomitable compulsion to get home for the holidays”. Two siblings, Daga (Amy Lee) and Diwrnod (Kawa Ada) are trying to find their way home after being displaced by a storm. Diwrnod is captured by Igora (Lisa Karen Cox), a troll who controls the weather. The sister must save the brother… with some help from a magical prince (Courtenay Stevens) and their house gnome (Colin Doyle).

Theatre Columbus’ annual shows at the Evergreen Brick Works are unique experiences.  You’re led by someone carrying a lamp on a stick to various locations throughout the Brick Works, watching as the show reveals itself around you. Actors pop out from the bushes and can be seen in the distance as you approach, or your group will just casually walk by characters as they are lamenting their current situation. This in itself makes the experience worthwhile – it’s so interesting to see how they use the outdoor space.

The use of light in the costumes particularly sticks out. Diwrnod was recently struck by lightning and consequently has a glowing toque, jacket and gloves. Igora has a giant glowing Viking helmet, which I have to admit was my favourite prop in the play. In addition, as you walk through the Brick Works grounds you come across whimsical lampshades, glowing tents spewing lighted balls, a city in miniature… it all made for a magical experience.

I wasn’t as impressed with the plot of Weather The Weather as I was with last year’s show The Story. Maybe I wasn’t walking fast enough or I got caught behind the crowd, but I seem to have missed the resolution. Nevertheless, the conclusion was so charming and not what I expected (I won’t ruin it) that it didn’t really matter that I’d missed certain elements of the story.

Theatre Columbus’ outdoor shows are quickly becoming a great holiday tradition for kids and adults alike, and Weather The Weather lived up to my expectations nicely. One warning, though: Be sure to pack your hats, boots, and mittens! It’s cold outside!


  • Weather The Weather or How We Make It Home Together plays at Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview) until December 30th.
  • Shows are at 8:00pm. Additional 5:00pm matinees on December 21 & 23, no show on December 9, 16, 17, 24, 25, 26
  • Free shuttle service will depart from behind Broadview Station at 6:45pm, 7:15pm, and 7:45pm and will travel back after the show.
  • Tickets for adults are $32, Seniors, students and arts workers are $23, and Children are $12.50. Groups of 4 or more receive 40% off regular prices, if booked by Dec 11th.
  • Purchase tickets online: or by phone: 416.504.7529, or in person: Theatre Passe Muraille – 16 Ryerson Ave.

Photo of Kawa Ada, Lisa Karen Cox, and Amy Lee by  Jacqui Jensen-Roy.

One thought on “Review: Weather The Weather or How We Make It Home Together (Theatre Columbus)”

  1. I think this review is generous!

    Having seen Theatre Columbus’ “The Story” at the Brickworks in 2012, I was really looking forward to seeing “Weather the Weather”. I saw the first preview performance and was very disappointed. This production does not even come close to the quality of “The Story” in any respect (plot, dialogue, staging etc.). It seemed like it was thrown together in a couple of weeks. The dialogue was tedious and rather than scripted, seemed more like very poor improvisation.

    The protagonist, Daga, was really annoying – screeching, whining and tentative in speech. Frankly I couldn’t care less if she made it back home, as long as she got lost so I wouldn’t have to listen to her anymore.

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