Mooney on Theatre is looking for Editorial Volunteers!


Are you passionate about theatre and the performing arts? Are you an online media junkie who spends hours pouring over blogs and news sites? Are you looking for experience working in digital media? Do you want to be part of a dynamic editorial team at the helm of a growing online publication? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Mooney on Theatre is looking for you!

We’re looking for two people to join us as Volunteer Assistant Editors (Internship) for an 8-month period that runs from April 2014 to December 2014 (with possibility for extension).

About Mooney on Theatre

Mooney on Theatre ( is a recognized go-to source for information about theatre in Toronto. The fast-growing online publication focusing on theatre, was started in April 2008 with a single writer; Founding Editor, Megan Mooney. Since its establishment the publication has grown to include over 20 regular contributors and has an established and loyal readership.

See the full post for details about the position.

Assistant Editors will gain experience in all aspects of the publication, including:

– Providing regular content for Mooney on Theatre;
– Co-managing the editorial calendar, editing and assisting writers with feature articles;
– Researching and fact checking;
– Proofreading copy;
– Outreach via MoT’s social media channels (Twitter and Facebook);
– Writing headline copy;
– Aiding in Search Engine Optimization processes;
– Pitching articles and publishing press releases.


– Strong organization and coordination skills;
– Able to work effectively independently, and as part of a team;
– Commitment to at least 10 hours per week normally,
– A willingness and desire to learn

To apply for the position please forward a resume and a short writing sample of no more than 400 words to the Managing Editor ( by Thursday, April 3, 2014.

Terms of the internship

Mooney on Theatre’s editorial internship is an unpaid program for candidates who are interested in working in journalism.  Although geared towards those with an interest in new media and the arts, the application process is open to all candidates interested in editorial work.  The internship offers an opportunity for “hands-on” learning and Mooney on Theatre will provide training.  The internship is also flexible to accommodate school and work schedules.  There is also the possibility of an extension to a second term.

*Please note: This internship is not paired with a specific school for academic credit, any crediting situation would be arranged by the applicant.

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    Ontario’s Employment Standards Act states that all employees must be paid at least the Ontario minimum wage ($10.25 per hour for most employees). An “employee” includes a person who receives training from an employer. A person is not considered an employee if these six conditions are met:

    1.The training is similar to that which is given in a vocational school
    2.The training is for the benefit of the individual
    3.The person providing the training derives little, if any, benefit from the activity of the individual while he or she is being trained
    4.The individual does not displace employees of the person providing the training
    5.The individual is not accorded a right to become an employee of the person providing the training
    6.The individual is advised that he or she will receive no remuneration for the time that he or she spends in training

  2. David,

    Mooney on Theatre is a volunteer-run organization. No one, including any of the editorial team (myself included), is paid. It is strictly a labour of love done to spread the word about what’s happening in the theatre community in Toronto.

    The reason this is labeled an ‘internship’ is because the internship involves more support for those involved than just straight up volunteers. It means that there will be support and training and no expectation

    Also, it allows us to work with educational institutions and do for-credit activities if the intern would like. In fact, some of our best interns in the past have been ones that are doing it for-credit in a course.

    Ultimately we wouldn’t exist, and wouldn’t be able to provide the visibility to the theatre community that we do if volunteer organisations weren’t allowed to exist and recruit other volunteers.


    Founding Editor, Mooney on Theatre

  3. Hey David,

    I do agree that there are lot of companies out there that prey on the hopes and goals of students and recent graduates and use internships as a loophole to not pay people for real work. I have worked for them. Mooney on Theatre is nothing like them.

    As Megan mentioned, it is a volunteer run site and I was the editor for 2 years. I stayed for that long because I had the opportunity to work with some amazing and well connected people in the theatre community while gaining a host of digital, managerial and journalistic skills. I also got tickets (weekly if I wanted) to opening nights of shows that I reviewed, a lot of them that I wouldn’t have a chance to see without the opportunity at MoT. That’s more than a lot of other “internships” offer.


  4. I’d have to echo Sonia’s comments. I was an intern at Mooney as well and it was an incredibly enriching experience. It felt more like a hobby than actual work because I loved what I was doing.

    The conditions for requiring a wage under the Employment Standards Act really don’t seem to apply here.

  5. Hi David,

    Are you missing the word NOT in the following?

    “A person is not considered an employee if these six conditions are met:”

    I believe the position advertised by MoT does in fact meet those six conditions, so they are not an employee.

    Sorry, but I don’t see your point.

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