Cheap Theatre for the Week of April 1, 2014

Greetings! And welcome back to your weekly scheduled theatre on a budget listing. This week there is plenty, and I meanĀ plenty of theatre to be had for that under $20 mark, so much so that I shall happily direct you over to our weekly theatre listings to browse through. “But hey,” you say “what about your top picks?” Fret not, dear reader. Since there’s so much wallet friendly theatre happening currently, this week we’re highlighting theatre that isĀ free! Yes, you heard correct and no this is not an April Fool’s prank. Read under the cut for our choice selects for free theatre. That’s right, it won’t cost you a penny! (Although most companies will accept a donation to a fine charity.) Happy watching!

8th Day by Shayne Monaghan (On Stage on Demand). Two friends react to a seemingly imminent zombie apocalypse. Apr 3 at 7 pm. Free (donations to Red Cross Emergency Response Unit). The Great Hall, 1087 Queen W.

Fleece & Flesh: 2 Adult Puppet Shows by Marty Stelnick and Angelique Miller/Frank Meschkuleit (On Stage on Demand). Rooster Kane’s Curio Emporium opens, followed by Meschkuleit’s My Big Fat German Puppet Show. Apr 5 at 7 pm. Free (donations to the Food Bank). The Great Hall, 1087 Queen W.

The Further Adventures Of Antoine Feval by Chris Gibbs (On Stage on Demand). Gibbs performs his solo show about a brilliant detective and his sidekick in 1897 London. Apr 1 at 7 pm. Free (donations to Sick Kids Hospital). The Great Hall, 1087 Queen W.

Mena’s Big Bawdy Burlesque Bash (Cherry Cola’s Rock N’ Rolla). Aviva the Mirage, Scarlett Sparks, Honey B Hind, Arabella Allure, Esther Deville and Mena Von Fleisch perform at this Sinful Sunday show. Apr 6, doors 9 pm. Free. 200 Bathurst.

Of Mice and Morro and Jasp by Heather Marie Annis, Byron Laviolette and Amy Lee (On Stage on Demand). The clown sisters take on John Steinbeck’s Depression-era tale of migrant workers seeking their dreams. Apr 4 at 7 pm. Free (donations to the Murphy-Hull Project). The Great Hall, 1087 Queen W.

Singular Sensation: A Music Theatre Open Mic (Jennifer Walls). Sing showtunes with a live band and see previews of upcoming works at this weekly show. Mar 17-Jun 30, Mon 10 pm. Free. Statler’s, 487 Church. 416-922-0487.

Supperfesta by Natasha Boomer (On Stage on Demand). Secrets are revealed and relationships tested at a raucous family dinner party. Apr 2 at 7 pm. Free (donations to Adopt a Gran). The Great Hall, 1087 Queen W.