Cheap Theatre for the Week of May 27th

I doubt it’s news to anybody that there’s a ton of condos being built all over town. That’s why I was so happy to hear that Crow’s Theatre was bucking the condo trend by creating a new space in Leslieville, slated to open in 2016. As a hello to the neighbourhood, they’re running a theatre festival called the East End Performance Crawl.

It’s a series of shows taking place in found spaces (that is, not inside theatres) while they’re waiting for their new home to open. They’ve got a lot of cool shows participating in the festival. Some of them are listed below, but there’s a lot more on their website. Some shows are free, some are only $15 – they even have a 5 shows for $50 offer! So come out to support the East End Performance Crawl, and see some Cheap Theatre!


The Art Of Traditional Head-Tying by Kanika Ambrose (East End Performance Crawl). A woman returns to Dominica 20 years after immigrating to Canada in this solo show. Opens May 23 and runs to May 29, see website for schedule. $15.Ralph Thornton Centre, 765 Queen E.

The Ballad Of The Young Offender by Patrick John Constello (East End Performance Crawl). This solo show looks at the xenophobia, racism and fear-mongering that followed the birth of rock and roll. Opens May 23 and runs to Jun 1, see website for schedule. $15. Sidemart Theatrical Grocery, 1362 Queen E.

Face Value: Leslieville by Tracey Hoyt (East End Performance Crawl). Improv artist Hoyt explores a selection of unforgettable Leslieville characters. Opens May 22 and runs to Jun 1, see website for schedule. $15. Pentimento Fine Art Gallery, 1164 Queen E.

TEASE by Amy Keating, Julie Tepperman and others (East End Performance Crawl). Viewer and performer share an intimate encounter in this site-specific show limited to five people per performance. Opens May 23 and runs to May 31, Wed-Sun 11:25 am, noon and 1 pm. $15. Jilly’s, meet at 696 Queen E.

Through The Gaze Of A Navel by Emelia Symington Fedy (East End Performance Crawl). A self-proclaimed self-help expert takes the audience on a journey in this part theatre event, part yoga class. Opens May 24 and runs to Jun 1, see website for schedule. $15. Yogathletix, 911 Queen E.