Spilling Family Secrets – Toronto Fringe 2014 Press Release

From Press Release

At age 11, Susan Freedman snooped in her mother’s closet and found a shoebox full of love letters written between1927 and 1937 by her parents when they were just 19 years old. Susan thought they were hilarious – and embarrassing. Today, can the letters spill the secrets of their inspiring marriage – and shed light on Susan’s own marital misadventures? Come to SPILLINGFAMILY SECRETS, playing July 2-13 at the Tarragon  Solo Room as part of the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival. Tickets are available via www.fringetoronto.com or 416-966-1062 ext. 1, or at the door.

Sixty years later that shoebox of letters is Susan’s – given to her by her mother who said:“You’ve read them anyway!” Amid laughter and tears, Susan pared the letters down to the excerpts she felt best told their love story – and caused her to look at her own romantic life with fresh eyes. “Getting to know my parents at age 19 was an amazing gift.“  SPILLING FAMILYSECRETS is a touching remembrance of her parents’ love, and a wry, witty look at how Freedman’s own marital mistakes are a stark and funny contrast to her parents’ idyllic match.

This is Susan Freedman‘s fourth one-woman Fringe comedy. Her three previous shows have had critically acclaimed sold-out runs across the Canadian Fringe circuit. Directed by Dora-winning writer/performer Rondel Reynoldson (Stage: White Trash Blue Eyes, Platform 9. Film: Man of Steel, Warner Bros.)

“Funny and heartwarming” ~ Montreal Gazette

“Freedman is wise and witty company” ~ Edmonton Journal 
“Evokes both uninterrupted laughter and inner reflection” 
~Vancouver Province

SPILLING FAMILY SECRETS reminds us all that our parents really were young once; they experienced youthful romantic hopes, dreams, and disappointments just as we do. They were people long before they were parents, and their lives have wonderful stories to tell us…and unexpected lessons we may learn while we’re laughing.

Full Media kit is available HERE.

VenueTarragon Theatre Solo Room, 30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto.

Dates & Times:
Wed, July 2 @ 6:30pm
Fri, July 4 @ 4:45pm
Sat, July 5 @ 6:45pm
Sun, July 6 @ 2:45pm
Tue, July 8 @ 3:15pm
Wed, July 9 @ 4:45pm
Fri, July 11 @ 3:30pm
Sat, July 12 @ 8:00pm

$10 at the door (cash only) or $12 in advance (Visa or MasterCard, service charge included)
Beginning June 12 via www.fringetoronto.com, by telephone at 416-966-1062 (ext.1), or at the door.
Show running time is 45 minutes.    **Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating**