This Ain’t The Yellow Brick Road – Toronto Fringe 2014 Press Release

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The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

This Ain’t The Yellow Brick Road

Jake Steele has led one hell of a life. Well, actually, he’s led several, though not entirely by choice. HIV positive from a blood transfusion in his teens, Jake refused to take his diagnosis – and the terrible stigma associated with it in those days – lying down. Told he would never work again, near death three times (so far!), Jake’s spirit is irrepressible, and his life an adventure that will take you down a path few will ever walk. THIS AINT THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, plays  July 2-13 at the Theatre Passe Muraille ExtraSpace as part of the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival. Tickets are available via or 416-966-1062 ext. 1, or at the door.

“I remember the first time I met Jake, and I thought: this guy can’t be for real. He sees life in a way that very few can ever imagine. You can’t help but be drawn in.” ~ Geoff Wyndeorff, Denmark

THIS AINT THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD is an evening of fascinating stories that span Jake’s incredible life and his unique way of looking at the world.  He’s been a dancer/singer, a hospitality industry executive, a network marketing expert and training specialist, and an LGBT/AIDS activist who helped fund and support the AIDS Committee of Toronto, Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, and Casey House (Canada’s first stand-alone treatment facility for people with HIV/AIDS). THIS AINT THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD developed after Jake’s most recent brush with death in 2010—a brain tumour that left him without his memories, paralyzed for over a year, and not expected to recover. But Jake fought back, regained his health against near-impossible odds, and wrote a book about his life using a series of memoir recordings he made before the tumour laid him low.

“I have watched him take audiences on dream trips, goal-setting marathons and life-changing journeys… I love being in his audience. Enjoy the journey, and buckle up… because the ride will be life-enriching!”  ~ Sean Murphy, Dallas TX

“His simple yet wacky approach to life’s challenges will literally blow you away. He makes it seem so easy. He approaches every challenge head-on and always believes that there isn’t a challenge that can’t be overcome.”   ~ Danial Reading, London England

Jake knows his story could be seen as horrific by many standards, but his way through it all is to poke fun at it—poke back at it—and never let himself lose his sense of humour.  THIS AINT THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD is a darkly quirky comedic review of his challenges, crazy antics, and the fact that after all this, as he puts it, “All I want to do is provide hope, and a smile…Fourth time’s a charm, right? I’m still here.” Jake Steele and THIS AINT THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD truly is a storytelling experience not to be missed!


Venue: Theatre Passe Muraille Extra Space, 16 Ryerson Ave, Toronto.

Dates & Times:

Wed, July 2 @ 8:15pm

Fri, July 4 @ 6:30pm

Sun, July 6 @ 1:15pm

Mon, July 7 @ 4:30pm

Wed, July 9 @ 7:00pm

Fri, July 11 @ 1:45pm

Sat, July 12 @ 11:00pm



$10 at the door (cash only) or $12 in advance (Visa or MasterCard, service charge included)

Beginning June 12 via, by telephone at 416-966-1062 (ext.1), or at the door.

Show running time is 45 minutes.    **Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating**



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  1. I was at his first show and it was boring made no sense it had no direction and what kind of actor needs to set his own cell phone alarm to let him know he has 10 min left.Your better of setting the $10 on fire and getting a bit of heat from it cause it will be more than what you get from his show or what I’m calling the rants and raves of a winer and complainer.

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