Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral – Toronto Fringe 2014 Press Release

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Fringe Festival Favorites Peter ‘n Chris Return with a Brand-new, Western Themed show

Peter n’ Chris (Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson) are a Canadian Comedy Award winning, and 3 time Canadian Comedy Award Nominated sketch troupe from Vancouver BC (Best Sketch Troupe 2012/2013, and Best Comedic Play 2013).  Having formed in 2009, their narrative driven, cinematic and extremely physical style has already earned them a following and rave reviews across Canada and the U.S, and a spot in the JUST FOR LAUGHS 42 comedy festival in Toronto this fall.

They were a headlining act at the 2013  and 2014 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, won the 2012 and 2013 JUST FOR LAUGHS- Best Comedy Award in Montreal and earned the “Audience Choice” award at the 2011  and 2014 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.  They also have several ‘Best of Fest” Awards from fringe festivals across the country. They have played in the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, Seattle SketchFest, and Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids Michigan. Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson are also contributing writers to the sketch comedy program The Irrelevant Show, on CBC Radio

This Toronto fringe, they return with their newest, most hilarious, most western-themed show yet!  Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral is a send up of the western genre in the style only Peter n’ Chris can do. The story revolves around Peter Earp and Texas Chris, as they navigate the rules of the Wild West and their new and strained friendship in order to win back Peter’s Earp’s farm. This play won the 2014 Audience Choice Award at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, has already been performed to numerous sold-out houses, and was selected to be performed in JFL42 in Toronto during the fall of 2014.  Do not miss what is absolutely Peter n’ Chris’ funniest, fastest, and most physical show to date

Peter n’ Chris are also currently adapting their Canadian Comedy Award nominated play Peter n’ Chris at the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel into a brand new webseries called Hardly Men. Check for more information on Fringe show times, and how you can donate to their web-series indigogo campain.

Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral runs in the Toronto Fringe Festival July 2 – 13th at the Randolph Theatre