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Toronto playwright Kat Sandler spoofs reality shows in her latest play Retreat at the Storefront Theatre

Watch out Toronto, there is a new hilarious show in town that will knock the socks right of your feet! Retreat is no ordinary play. It is one-hour and forty-five minutes of time spent well!  The talented playwright Kat Sandler gives us all something to think about in her well-written, smart, fun and engaging new play now playing at The Storefront Theatre.

Let’s get the first impressions out of the way. I walked into a very packed theatre. So packed, the staff were digging up more chairs to fit in their already sold-out show. When all the hustle was over, I took a deep breath and wished for the best. And that’s when my wish came true! Even before the play began, the audience was howling and cheering. I couldn’t help but join in with all the fun!

Retreat begins with an introduction of four up-and-coming actors who are vying for a job at Fischer, Cox, Sutton, and Tate. Frankly, each one of them should get a Dora nomination for staying so true to their characters as interns. There were moments in the play where a prop was not working or something got stuck. The actors cleverly improvised and at the end, the audience loved it!

When the interns find themselves abandoned in a camp led by an odd scoutmaster, the story becomes even more interesting as suddenly getting a job becomes a game of survival! As a previous reality show junkie, especially the TV show Survivor, I felt like I was being transported to Tribal Council where the contestants were left to battle it out. What happens at the end? Who lives to get the job? Well, you’ll just have to head to The Storefront Theatre to find out.

The casting of all five actors was brilliant. Justin Goodhand, Mara Zigler, Michael Musi, Nicole Buscema, and Kat Letwin worked incredibly well together on stage and had amazing stage presence. Kat Sandler, who is known for her work at the Toronto Fringe Festival (Punch Up, We are the Bomb), is definitely a name to remember as her work is pure genius.

I can’t say enough good things about this play. A standing ovation at the end of the show said it all.


Retreat plays from Sept 18 – 28th at The Storefront Theatre

Thursday, Sept 18 8.00pm
Friday, Sept 19, 8.00pm
Saturday, Sept 20, 8.00pm
Sunday, Sept 21 2.00pm, 8.00pm
Wednesday, Sept 24, 8.00pm
Thursday, Sept 25, 8.00pm
Friday, Sept 26, 8.00pm
Saturday, Sept 27, 8.00pm
Sunday Sept 28, 2.00pm, 8.00pm

Tickets are available in advance at $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

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