A Statement from Factory Theatre and Their 14/15 Partners

From press release

Factory Theatre, with the unanimous support from this season’s partners, is attempting to redefine what “opening night” means by considering what the artists want from it, and what the audience deserves from it, not just what tradition dictates it should be.

Beginning with The Art of Building a Bunker, we have decided to offer working members of the media complimentary tickets to a media night on October 21 (three performances after opening night), and for the length of the run as long as tickets are available.

We wish to support and celebrate the work of our theatre creators by giving general audiences the first chance to respond to our shows and to be at the forefront of the conversation. Members of the media are also a part of this conversation, but it is that larger conversation we are striving to facilitate.

This is an experiment. It might fail, but it might serve the production, the artists, the community, and the conversation it inspires exactly the way we imagined.

We are seeking a new narrative. It’s time for change.

Welcome to Factory’s 45th Anniversary Season!

Sincerely yours,

Factory’s 2014-2015 Season Partners

Factory Theatre
b current
Theatre Smith-Gilmour
Native Earth Performing Arts
U.N.I.T.S. Productions