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It can be expensive to travel to other countries. I just booked a few flights, and my wallet is crying. But wouldn’t you rather save the emotions for yourself, and still get to experience the ideas, motivations and messages of other cultures, right here in Toronto?

Enter Progress. You can check out a more extensive discussion about exactly what it is by clicking here – but all you need to know is that a number of extremely innovative international shows are coming to Toronto this week, and you can see all of them for very, very cheap – some shows are even free! All it takes is a short trip to The Theatre Centre out on Queen West, where all of the shows are playing. But act fast – performances start on Wednesday, run until February 15th, and tickets are going fast!

All in all, you really won’t want to miss Progress!

So check out their website for scheduling and ticket info, and go see some Cheap Theatre!

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  1. Small (but crucial) correction to the above – The Theatre Centre is located on Queen Street WEST (1115 Queen Street West – just west of Dovercourt.)

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