Shed Talks (PunFu Productions) 2016 Toronto Fringe Review

Poster for ShedTalks

Shed Talks, performed by Anto Chan as part of PunFu Productions at the Toronto Fringe Festival, is a delightful piece of comedic storytelling where hangs on getting lucky.

No two performances of Shed Talks will be the same. The audience is treated to a variety of spoken word performances determined by a Wheel-of-Fortune-style spinner. So sure, I can review this play. But keep in mind I saw only a fraction of this show’s potential options.

It’s easy to forget that theatre is not static. Theatre lives and breathes no matter what venue the show takes place in. Even when that venue is a shed.

Performer Anto Chan is a gentle, genuine guy. I know this because I met him. And if you see Shed Talks, you will too. Things might get personal, if only because Chan really cares about who you are.

The trick to enjoying this play is to embrace the fact that it’s completely and utterly up to chance. Chan clearly thrives in this setting, giving a touching, personal and delightfully random performance. His strategy? He just relaxes and rolls with whatever the Wheel of Fortune throws at him.

Chan’s greatest accomplishment in Shed Talks is his ability to relax and be himself. His ease is contagious. This is a performer who knows his strengths: comedy, poetry, storytelling.

My favourite moment was his hilariously funny story called “90 Days’ Celibacy.” I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.


  • Shed Talks is a Shed Show and plays in the Fringe Club, located in Honest Ed’s parking lot (581 Bloor St. W)
  • All Shed Shows are pay-what-you-can
  • Outdoor seating
  • Warnings: audience participation, sexual content, mature language
  • The venue is listed as not wheelchair accessible


  • June 29th, 6.45, 7.30 PM
  • June 30th, 4.45, 5.30 PM
  • July 1st, 8.45, 9.30 PM
  • July 3rd, 4.45, 5.30 PM
  • July 5th, 4.45, 5.30 PM
  • July 7th, 6.45, 7.30 PM
  • July 10th, 4.45, 5.30 PM


Image provided by the company