Cheap Theatre for the Week of January 7th, 2019.

Five Shows Under $25 in Toronto this Week

Live theatre shows in Toronto with ticket prices of $25 or less, playing the week of January 7th,2019. All of these shows are perfect for the budget-conscious theatre enthusiast! Experience quality Toronto theatre without the strain on your wallet!

Dinner With The Duchess. Factory Theatre. by Nick Green (The Duchess Collective/Next Stage Theatre Festival). Psychological drama about a violin virtuoso, sexism in classical music and the high price of creating art. Opens Jan 9 and runs to Jan 19, see website for schedule. $15. MainSpace. Show Info.

Athabasca. Toronto Carpet Factory. Convergence Theatre presents a play created and performed by David S. Craig and Richard Greenblatt, part of Next Stage Theatre Festival. The playwrights portray a journalist turned environmental activist confronting a senior PR exec for an oil firm in Fort McMurray in a clash over the Athabasca oil sands. Opens Jan 11 and runs to Jan 20, daily at 7:30 pm (no show Jan 15). $15. Enter at 77 Mowat. Show Info.

Cannibal. Factory Theatre. by Thom Nyhuus (Scrap Paper Theatre/Next Stage Theatre Festival). This play explores grief, the cost of sharing your story and what it means to be indebted to someone you love. Opens Jan 9 and runs to Jan 20, see website for schedule. $15. In the Studio. Show Info.

A Bear Awake In Winter. Factory Theatre. by Ali Joy Richardson (Binocular Theatre/Next Stage Theatre Festival). Events surrounding a new teacher, a bullying incident and an act of violence at a high school dance at a Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, school all tell the story of the struggle to stand up for yourself. Opens Jan 10 and runs to Jan 20, see website for schedule. $15. In the MainSpace. Show Info.

Anatomy Of A Dancer. Factory Theatre. Breakaway Entertainment presents a dance production by Adam Marino, an homage to Gene Kelly’s life and career are reinterpreted for the 21st century stage. Part of Next Stage Theatre Festival. Opens Jan 11 and runs to Jan 20, see website for times. $15. In the MainSpace. Show Info.

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