Antigone, As Presented by the Girls at St. Catherine’s (An Excerpt) (Monologue Slam Canada) 2021 Toronto Fringe Review

The drama club at the St. Catherine’s all girls school is struggling to put on their first play, Sophocles’ Antigone. This all-girls Catholic school in the ’90s has their work cut out for them in staging this famous tragedy but if the struggles in the play alone weren’t enough, their male director is caught in a scandal right before opening night.  Playing at this year’s digital Fringe Festival, Antigone, As Presented by the Girls at St. Catherine’s (An Excerpt), presented by Monologue Slam Canada, is a coming of age story that deals with all the pitfalls of growing up.

Antigone, As Presented by the Girls of St. Catherine’s is directed by Tara Paterson who also plays the role of Tamsin and written by Madhuri Shekar. Despite the pitfalls of creating theatre during the pandemic, the team here has managed to deliver a fleshed-out production with blocking, scene cues, costumes by costume and stage designer Ruth Albertyn, music, and lighting. This production is only an excerpt of a longer performance.

And indeed, this is quite well done. The cast and team have worked very hard in putting this show together and their efforts have paid off. The students have very real chemistry between each other with characters that are real and relatable. Anika Zulfikar stands out as Greta, whose world is broken when their director Mr. Reed (James Smith) betrays the students’ trust; her concern for the wellbeing of her best friend Marilyn (Madeleine Kane) is palpable.

As is the performance by Smith. Although he is not meant to be liked by the audience for his transgressions, it is the scene where he is on his own and he describes wanting to do so much more with his talents, but he’s stuck teaching theatre at an all girl’s high school and couldn’t help but give in when he was shown affection, that I felt a bit of compassion for him. Not much, but it’s there.

Araceli Ferrara plays Susan, a senior who wants everyone to put on one fantastic show before she graduates but is left trying to keep the cast from unravelling. She also knows Mr. Reed better than the other girls, so his betrayal hits her deep. And then there is Kane, whose portrayal of Marilyn, a teen girl who is swept up in the fantasy of an older man taking romantic interest in her, is also quite relatable.

Overall, Antigone, As Presented by the Girls of St. Catherine’s is a wonderful performance and I’m looking forward to seeing the full production on stage. If this excerpt is anything to judge by, the full show will be worth the wait.


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Photography by Araceli Ferrara

4 thoughts on “Antigone, As Presented by the Girls at St. Catherine’s (An Excerpt) (Monologue Slam Canada) 2021 Toronto Fringe Review”

  1. Aww I was really hoping you’d mention my favourite character in this play: ANNA played by Erika Nonato along with Lily played by Zoe Lewis! Provided a sensible amount of comic relief and heart to very dark matter. Great play, and the actor that played Mr. Reed was fantastic too!

  2. Anna and Lily have the best chemistry in this play, and my favorite scene (Anna’s monologue) was amazing! How they are not mentioned in this review is beyond my understanding.

    Great work to everyone involved in this project, a very enjoyable watch!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the play! Especially mr.Reed. I played in Antigone in high school.

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