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Review: The Royale (Soulpepper)

Photo of Sabryn Rock, Alexander Thomas and Dion Johnstone standingMarco Ramirez’s striking and heart-wrenching play gets its Canadian debut in Toronto

The Royale, performed at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts is a story about racism, perseverance, and simply – boxing. The six round, 90-minute saga is nothing short of striking.

Upon entering the always versatile Baillie Theatre, it appeared as though I was walking into a title bout. With the audience framing three sides of the stage, the stage took the form of a dusty boxing gym. As the lights dimmed, it was clear that the boxing ring set before me was about to become the scene for a battle of both nerves and fists. Continue reading Review: The Royale (Soulpepper)

The Princess of the Tower (Goldenberg) 2018 Toronto Fringe Review

photo of Lana Carillo and Catarina Ciccone in The Princess of the Tower

The Princess of the Tower is a fun-filled musical produced by Goldenberg Productions and is playing at the Toronto Fringe Festival as part of Kidsfest. The very talented cast of six sang and danced their hearts out through every number and definitely left myself as well as many audiences members with smiles plastered across their faces.

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Review: Two Birds One Stone (Why Not Theatre)

Two Birds One Stone showcases simple yet elegant storytelling in its Toronto return

Originally presented as a part of Why Not Theatre’s RISER PROJECT in 2017, Two Birds One Stone has made a return to the Toronto stage at the Tarragon Theatre. Both playwright/actresses– Natasha Greenblatt and Rimah Jabr–have returned to present this brilliant piece.  Continue reading Review: Two Birds One Stone (Why Not Theatre)