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Gian has been a contributor to MoT since June 2013. Other than a couple of theatre history electives in university, Gian’s main theatre experiences date back to his childhood days when he would accompany his parents to shows at the Elgin Theatre or Princess of Wales Theatre. His fondest memory is seeing Les Mis as a child and being in awe of the larger-than-life costumes and musical numbers. When seeing a show, he loves pieces that come from a sincere place of truth – that tell a heartfelt story. During the day, he’s a Toronto Copywriter and Search Marketing Specialist. You can connect with him on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Twitter: @gian_verano

Review: Bonds Beyond (Glass Reflections Theatre Collective)

unnamedBonds Beyond explores a dystopian future where life exists after death

It has often been said that we don’t appreciate something – or someone – until it’s gone. Bonds Beyond, the new work by Glass Reflections Theatre Collective, explores a dystopian future where life exists after death by uploading your consciousness to the Cloud.

Bonds Beyond – on stage at Toronto’s Array Space – is a thought-provoking piece from playwright Colleen Osborn that examines themes of love, loss, and mortality as they relate to the way in which technological advancements are undoubtedly changing the socio-economic balance between rich and poor.
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Review: Intangible Trappings (Lester Trips Theatre)

dsc04591-walk-ark-goodToronto’s Lester Trips Theatre explores a dystopian future in the play Intangible Trappings

What if you got everything you ever wanted at the touch of a button? Would you be happy? Or, would you grow tired of a life without challenge or purpose? Intangible Trappings explores a dystopian future where every wish is granted, but true happiness is never truly found. Continue reading Review: Intangible Trappings (Lester Trips Theatre)

Review: The Odd Couple (Soulpepper)

The Odd Couple - Soulpepper

The Odd Couple is a Play You Won’t Want To Miss

You may know The Odd Couple as the cult classic 1970’s TV show starring Tony Randal and Jack Klugman. Or maybe as the current Thursday night CBS sitcom with Matthew Perry.  It was also a movie in 1968 with Art Carney and Walter Matthau. But before all these iterations, there was the original 1965 stage play by Neil Simon. It’s a timeless and classic piece of theatre that, as the current Soulpepper run demonstrates, is just as enjoyable and relevant today as it was more than 50 years ago.

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Preview: Shakesbeers Showdown: The Bard Awakens (Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective)

This is Shakespeare like you’ve probably never seen before. Part drinking game, part classical theatre, Shakesbeers Showdown: The Bard Awakens pits bard against bard to see who can deliver the best cold read of Shakespeare’s most noted works – all while downing a cold pint every time the mess up a line. Hilarity is sure to ensue. The best part? It’s all for a good cause, benefiting the Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Program that strives to break down physical, social and economic barriers in the healthcare/nursing sector through the use of classical performance theatre.

Get your tickets now, because this theatrical spectacular is on for one night only: Sunday, April 24th at The Rivoli (334 Queen Street West).

We had a chance to chat with Victoria Urquhart, show host and Artistic/Executive Director of the Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective.

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Review: A Man Vanishes (Videofag)

A_Man_Vanishes_VideofagToronto’s Videofag presents a macabre, intellectual thriller; A Man Vanishes

When a Montreal man mysteriously vanishes only to suddenly reappear two months later at Toronto’s Videofag, he claims to have no recollection of how he got there or even who he is. Tired and confused, he finds refuge with the partners and residents of Videofag, played by Jordan Tannahill and William Ellis. A Man Vanishes follows the case of his disappearance as chronicled by a documentary filmmaker’s investigation into the case.

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