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Review: Hogtown (The Hogtown Collective)

Hogtown is immersive theatre celebrating Toronto history playing at the Campbell House

HogtownHogtown is precisely the kind of theatre experience this city needs. With no end in sight to our beautifying and building boom, doting reviews from around the world, and a renewed self-love (how many selfies have you taken at City Hall’s new Toronto sign?), it’s about time we had a production that’s about the history of our fair city.

It’s also wonderful to have a team forego the play-on-a-stage route to take a creative risk with an immersive, site-specific production. From the moment you step into Toronto’s historic Campbell House, it’s 1925 and you’re a ghost to the past, witnessing the stories unfolding.

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Review: Harper Regan (Canadian Stage)

Molly Parker takes to the Canadian Stage in Harper Regan at the St Lawrence Centre in Toronto

Harper Regan

Expectations run high when a big ticket’s in town, especially when it’s Canadian-born, House of Cards star Molly Parker, currently heading up Canadian Stage’s Harper Regan.

Parker’s face is plastered on billboards across the city, and it’s difficult to keep your eyes off her when she’s on stage. Will she deliver the same sexy deviousness as she does in the Netflix mega-hit?

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Review: Midsummer (a play with songs) (Théâtre français de Toronto)

Midsummer (a play with songs) is “a night of Toronto theatre that becomes a trip around the world”

It’s not often the drama gods raise the curtain on two similar yet completely different productions in one week.

On Tuesday I took in the all-Canadian version of the Tony-award-winning Once. On Wednesday I was immersed in Midsummer (a play with songs) where Scotland stands in for Ireland, and English surtitles interpret French. Both plays revolve around a man, woman and songs. Plus guitar. Plus love.

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Review: The Seagull (Crow’s Theatre)

Canadian Stage with Crow’s Theatre bring the Anton Chekhov classic to life in Toronto

Crow’s Theatre had me with the trailer: super-stellar cast making toasts around a dining table, up close interviews with actors, and sneak peeks of the stage. I had to see The Seagull.

Opening night, a cold Toronto winter night. The stage is bare, the air is smokey, there’s the sound of crickets chirping in the distance. For the next three hours, the audience was pulled into the 1895 world of Anton Chekhov: hurting with the hurt while digging deeply into love, life and the meaning of art. Continue reading Review: The Seagull (Crow’s Theatre)