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Megan loves being in the thick of all things theatre, but her ultimate goal is to promote theatre to the world of non-theatre people. It was the same when she was the theatre writer for blogTO, or the Fringe Correspondent for CBC Radio One‘s Here and Now, as it is as the founder of Mooney on Theatre. Her basic belief is that there is theatre/performance out there for everyone to love, they just need to find it. This is not to be confused with the idea that everyone should love theatre for theatre’s sake, in fact, as obsessed as she is with theatre, even *she* doesn’t love all types of theatre.

Please Stand Clear – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release
Please Stand Clear – House of Rebels’ Third Premier at the Toronto Fringe
With Please Stand Clear, House of Rebels debuts a dark comedy that is unafraid to address the difficult topic of suicide. More specifically, the reluctance our society has in discussing suicide. The play is offensively honest, and is prepared to shock as well as entertain. With Please Stand Clear, the goal is to normalize communication about difficult topics such as suicide and self-harm through comedy, and make taboo topics more comfortable and acceptable to talk about.
Featuring playwright Ross Hammond and actor/writer Anthony Di Feo returning to share the stage following their performance in 2017’s The Resurrectionists (also a part of the Toronto Fringe Festival). Directed by Raeburn Ferguson – nominated for Best Director at the ACT-CO Awards, and Theatre Ontario’s Professional Theatre & Education Manager. Lighting and Sound Design provided by Kelly Anderson of Theatre by Committee.
More information about company and play can be found at
House of Rebels Theatre
In association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents;
Please Stand Clear
Written by Ross Hammond
Directed by Raeburn Ferguson
Starring Anthony Di Feo and Ross Hammond
Lighting and Sound Design by Kelly Anderson
Stage Managed by Madeleine Monteleone
July 4th to July 14th, 2019
July 4th, 7:45pm
July 6th, 1:30pm
July 7th, 6:15pm
July 8th, 5:30pm
July 10th, 3:00pm
July 11th, 6:15pm
July 12th, 10:30pm
July 14th, 2:15pm
Please Note: there is absolutely no latecomer seating.
Tickets available starting June 6th
Theatre Passe Muraille (Backspace), 16 Ryerson Avenue. Toronto, ON.
By Phone: (416) 966-1062
In Person: During the festival at POSTSCRIPT, located in the hockey rink at 275 Bathurst St.

Table 7: A Plays in Cafes Creation – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release

Whose Side Are You On?

Table 7 – A Plays in Cafes Creation

 Gentrification or Rejuvenation? Passion or Harassment? That may depend which side of the table you’re sitting on. Set in the ever-changing Regent Park neighbourhood, Table 7 allows you to witness an explosive situation between unlikely neighbours. When each perspective tells a different story, how do you determine who is in the wrong? In this show it’s the audience who must decide.

Shadowpath, a charitable arts organization, was founded in 2002 and prides itself on turning everyday spaces into creative places. Table 7 takes advantage of its true to the story location, taking place in Regent Park at Paintbox Bistro, our 2019 venue partner.

Thanks to funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Shadowpath has been able to develop The Femme Five, a three-year initiative that nurtures leadership in female theatre creatives. Shadowpath’s 5th Toronto Fringe BYOV play is a Femme5 creation, featuring an all-female production team and cast.

Written by Chantal Forde and directed by Mandy Roveda, this team is reunited after their successful 2017 production of GREY (NOW Outstanding New Play & Outstanding Ensemble, Critics’ Pick Award for Outstanding Ensemble). Roveda is also known for her extraordinary direction of BikeFace which garnered the 2018 Fringe Patron’s Pick and Best of Fringe.

The incredible cast includes Julia Beaulieu (nominated for a 2019 Dora for her ensemble work with Solar Stage), Tea Nguyen (part of the 2017 Fringe hit NASTY), and Fringe newcomers Violet Mount, Kaila Hunte, and Alexandrine M’Banga.

Judgements are passed quickly. Biases filter our world view. And sometimes we just don’t like a person. How will you come to your decision of what really happened at Table 7?

Shadowpath Theatre in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

Table 7 – A Plays in Cafes Creation

Producers: Alex Karolyi, Alene Degian, Maissa Bessada, Tea Nguyen

Written by: Chantal Forde

Directed by: Mandy Roveda

Starring: Julia Beaulieu, Kaila Hunte, Alexandrine M’Banga, Violet Mount, and Tea Nguyen

Co-stage managed by: Alene Degian and Chantal Forde

Opens July 4th to July 13th 

Paintbox Bistro, 555 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON


Thursday July 4th, 4pm

Friday July 5th, 7pm

Saturday July 6th, 2pm

Wednesday July 10th, 1pm

Thursday July 11th, 4pm

Friday July 12th, 7pm

Saturday July 13th, 2pm


Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.


Paintbox Bistro, 555 Dundas St. E, Toronto ON

Tickets go on sale June 6, 2019, $13 advanced tickets

Purchase online:

By Phone: 416-966-1062

In Person: During the festival at POSTSCRIPT, the patio at the Toronto Fringe. Located in the Hockey Rink at 275 Bathurst Street (Dundas + Bathurst).

Palabra Flamenco: Fox Woman – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release


Fox Woman

In association with the Toronto Fringe Festival

Palabra Flamenco presents Fox Woman, a 45-minute depth-charge of flamenco dance and music combined with oral storytelling. When a mysterious and powerful fox woman appears unexpectedly in his hut, a lonely hunter is forced to choose between the wild and the tamed.

Their relationship grows. How to accommodate one another? What do we risk when we accommodate too much? And if violence emerges, do we recognize it? Do we leave? Before the West cultivated hatred of the wild, before today’s ecological crisis, there was a love affair. Flamenco dancer and storyteller Denise Yeo retells this Siberian myth accompanied by her husband, accomplished flamenco guitarist Gareth Owen. With an array of evocative, traditional flamenco dances, Yeo embodies Fox Woman and
the Hunter through hypnotic and improvised movement and rhythm, drenched with the darkest impulses.

Flamenco has its origins around the hearth fire. Known for its contrast of incendiary emotion and control, percussive rhythms, and expansive representations of womanhood that include strength, resiliency, playfulness, mockery, empowerment, and pride, it is uniquely equipped for this story. This is joy tall as the
flame, joy with ash in its teeth.

VENUE Streetcar Crowsnest Studio (345 Carlaw Avenue).

July 3 (6:45pm), July 5 (9:30pm), July 6 (8:30pm), July 7 (3:15pm), July 9 (4:30pm), July 11 (6:00pm), July 13 (1:30pm).

“There’s virtuosity to burn… Let it wash over you.” — The Georgia Straight
“Passionate and desolate … A gift to behold!” — Showbill Canada
“Denise Yeo is a spitfire…” — Janis La Couvée, theatre reviewer
“Gareth Owen plays like he has a hundred fingers…” — The Georgia Straight

TICKETS Tickets are $11. Purchase them online at, by telephone 416-966-1062, or in person at the Fringe Box Office at 275 Bathurst Street (in the Hockey Rink south of Scadding Court) or at the venue one hour prior to performances. Please note there is absolutely no latecomer seating.


Pack Animals – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

Scantily Glad Theatre in association with the Toronto Fringe Festival presents


July 4-13, 2019 at Randolph Theatre

Ever been to summer camp? Took a shit in the woods and wiped using pages from your guidebook?
Speared the patriarchy on a hot dog stick and toasted it over a roaring fire?

Inspired by co-creators Holly Brinkman and S.E. Grummett’s experiences as an overachieving Cub Scout and a slacker Girl Guide, respectively, Pack Animals offers up a queer camp adventure through the untamed forest of gender roles, sexuality, friendship, and bushcraft. Interweaving musical and physical comedy, puppets, and searing cynicism, Scantily Glad Theatre presents another raunchy feminist comedy sure to make the audience “laugh as much as it makes them squirm” (Cult MTL).

“If Tina Fey & Amy Poehler made Moonrise Kingdom… but more gay.” ★★★★ – Saskatoon StarPhoenix

One of the Hottest Shows of the 2019 Orlando Fringe Festival 
“Integrating scatological satire and strident feminist polemic with ukulele solos and horny hand puppets […]
A postmodern Lucy-and-Ethel pairing.” – Orlando Weekly
Best of Fest – “A knee-slapping, thought-provoking hoot of a show” – Orlando Sentinel
Best of Venue & Critics’ Pick – 2018 Saskatoon Fringe Festival

Pack Animals proudly makes its Toronto premiere July 4-13 at Randolph Theatre, as part of its 2019 Fringe tour from Orlando to Vancouver. In creating this show over the summer of 2018, S.E. Grummett was able to discover their own gender-queerness. Supported by fellow touring Fringe artists, Grummett came out onstage to friends and family in the audience while premiering the show at their hometown Fringe. This year, by taking this show on the road, Pack Animals hopes to empower fellow genderqueer and questioning folks across North America who may be having a similar journey.

Created and performed by Holly Brinkman and S.E. Grummett

Randolph Theatre (736 Bathurst St.)

Thursday, July 4 – 6:45pm

Saturday, July 6 – 6:15pm

Sunday, July 7 – 4:30pm

Tuesday, July 9 – 8:30pm

Wednesday, July 10 – 10:15pm

Thursday, July 11 – 1:00pm

Saturday, July 13 – 2:45pm

Tickets available now: $11 + $2 service charge | Available at or at 416-966-1062

Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.

Maturity Rating: 16+ | Sexual content, language, nudity & BEARS!

Featuring a different guest artist “mansplainer” at every performance! 

For more information, visit & follow us on Facebook/Instagram @packanimalscomedy

Old-ish – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release
“Riveting storyteller” Susan Freedman returns to the Fringe circuit with her latest one-woman original comedy, OLD-ish. Sprinkled with Freedman’s signature wry sense of humour and boundless enthusiasm for life, OLD-ish chronicles the aging process in all its technicolour glory. Don’t miss your chance to experience OLD-ish, playing July 3-13 at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace as part of the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival. Tickets are available (beginning June 9) via, by phone at 416-966-1062, or at the door.

OLD-ish is about eyeing that final curtain with humour and honesty. OLD-ish’s outlook is optimistic; love, connections and laughter are the keys to aging happily and the best dodge against sickness, both physical and mental. Freedman is having a good time, and takes us along for the ride. But there it is — lurking around the corner. Is it near or is it still far in the future? Who knows? In the meantime, Freedman’s laughing and learning the whole way.

This is Susan Freedman‘s fifth one-woman Fringe comedy, toured on the Fringe circuit last summer to effervescent acclaim. Her four previous shows have had critically acclaimed sold-out runs across the Canadian Fringe circuit. Directed by accomplished actor/writer/director (and Susan’s son) Alan Silverman (Lucifer, Supernatural).

Venue: Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace
16 Ryerson Ave, Toronto

July 3 @ 6:30pm
July 5 @ 3:00pm
July 7 @ 8:00pm
July 8 @ 3:45pm
July 9 @ 10:15pm
July 10 @ 4:45pm
July 12 @ 5:15pm
July 13 @ 1:00pm
**Please note variable curtain times.

$11 (+ $2 service fee) via , by phone at 416-966-1062, or at the door.
Tickets may also be purchased during the festival at POSTSCRIPT, (the patio at the Toronto Fringe), located in the Hockey Rink at 275 Bathurst Street.
Advance Tickets on credit card have an additional $3 per order processing fee.

Night Cows – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release

MoonCow Theatre Co. in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

Night Cows

MoonCow Theatre Co.’s production blurs the line between human and animal, mother and daughter, sky and earth, inviting audiences into the milky ecstasy of liberation.

Night Cows begins at dusk. A baby cow, vachette, describes how her mother removes the shackles of the day and society, transforming into a sensual, grotesque, night cow. Her mother opens herself in two, she splits herself in four expanding into the milky way; her daughter riding her back as they go to wake the crows.

A movement poem; performer Eléonore Lamothe, who draws on Pochinko mask and clown technique,
invests her whole body and soul into our cow’s journey through the sky. “Hypnotizing narrative and expert choreography. Lamothe absolutely captivates her audience.” – The Link

Through the Montreal, arts interculturals (MAI) mentorship program, under the guidance of renowned director Micheline Chevalier, emerging Anishinaabe director Katey Lois Wattam, has developed a fantastical contemporary interpretation of Queer Quebecois Indigenous writer Jovette Marchessault’s, seminal yet underperformed text on the 40th anniversary of its inception. She presented her bold vision during a three-night run at the MAI in May 2018, at short feminist works festival Revolution They Wrote in Montreal this past March, and has been developing the work further for Toronto Fringe.

Bringing together Indigenous, Anglophone, and Francophone approaches, the intercultural production asks its audience to imagine: what do liberation and connection feel like today?
Wattam has earned praise for previous productions tackling difficult social issues, such as 2017’s Cherry Docs at Montreal Fringe, which earned her a Frankie nomination for Most Promising English Theatre Company. She is a recent alumni of Black Theatre Workshop’s Artist Mentorship program under the mentorship of Mike Payette. This latest work from the promising director is further proof of her ability to build immersive theatrical experiences with wide-ranging social and historical implications.

Night Cows is a story of Quebec’s past, present, and future; a fantasy built upon reality;
a flight you won’t soon forget.

MoonCow Theatre Co. in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents Night Cows
written by Jovette Marchessault
English translation by Yvonne M. Klien
directed by Katey Lois Wattam
starring Eléonore Lamothe
lighting design by Hannah Kirby

Opens July 3, 2019 runs to July 14, 2019 Venue #13 Factory Theatre Studio
July 3, 8:15pm July 5, 2:00pm
July 7, 6:15pm
July 8, 4:00pm
July 11, 7:30pm
July 13, 10:15pm
July 14, 2:00pm
Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.

Tickets ON SALE NOW:
Preview (July 3): $6:00
All other shows: $11.00
Venue #13 Factory Theatre Studio is located at 125 Bathurst St, M5V 2R2.

For more information about the show visit, our Facebook page.

Purchase online:
By Phone: 416-966-1062 In Person: During the festival at POSTSCRIPT, the patio at the Toronto Fringe. Located in the Hockey Rink at 275 Bathurst Street (Dundas + Bathurst).

Night Feed – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release

Canvas Sky Theatre in association with CLUNK Puppet Lab and the Toronto Fringe Festival presents:



July 5–14, 2019 at the Tarragon Theatre Extraspace

Fringe veterans-turned-mothers Sarah Joy Bennett and Ginette Mohr return to the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival with a team of renowned puppet artists, for their new piece NIGHT FEED, running at the Tarragon Theatre Extraspace, July 5–14. Featuring object puppetry, physical theatre, and the stunning design of CLUNK Puppet Lab, Night Feed is a hilarious look at the darker sides of becoming a parent.

As an exhausted new mother nurses in the middle of yet another night, her apartment comes to life; possessions possessed with the demons of fear, self-doubt and anxiety, a chorus of objects and body parts.

Created in collaboration with innovative puppet designer and director Shawna Reiter, as well as guest puppet director Mike Peterson (of Henson Company fame), Night Feed is a post-natal fever dream brought to life. The piece also features original sound and composition by David Atkinson (associate music director, Dear Evan Hansen).

After co-creating a string of Fringe hits, including The Last Man On Earth (Best In Fest, Edmonton Fringe Festival), Snack Music (★★★★★ – CBC), and Fish Face (NNNNN – NOW Magazine), Bennett and Mohr now turn their brand of imaginative storytelling to tackle motherhood, injecting a healthy dose of the bizarre and surreal to make sense of “the most meaningful time of your life”.

“I was not prepared for the loneliness that comes with first becoming a parent,” says creator Sarah Joy Bennett. “To desperately keep myself amused through the exhaustion and isolation, I imagined the dark voices in my head being voiced by objects in my apartment: an aerobics instructor breast pump, a guilt-tripping dust bunny, parenting books chanting spiritual platitudes… When the world shrinks to the size of your couch, you populate it with what’s at hand.”

Canvas Sky Theatre

in association with CLUNK Puppet Lab and The Toronto Fringe presents


Written and Directed by Sarah Joy Bennett

Created in collaboration with Ginette Mohr and Shawna Reiter

Performed by Sarah Joy Bennett, Ginette Mohr and Corinne Murray

Puppet design, puppet direction, and set design by Shawna Reiter

Puppets by Shawna Reiter, Jonathan Davis and CLUNK Puppet Lab

Guest puppetry direction by Mike Petersen

Lighting design by Melissa Joakim

Stage managed by Stevie Baker

Music direction by David Atkinson


July 5–14, 2019

Tarragon Theatre Extraspace – 30 Bridgman Ave.


July 5th, 8:30pm

July 6th, 7:00pm

July 8th, 6:00pm

July 10th, 2:30pm

July 12th, 6:00pm

July 13th, 10:45pm

July 14th, 2:30pm


Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.

Tickets will be available as of June 6. Advance tickets – $11 (+ $2 service charge). Available online at or by phone at 416- 966-1062 (Subject to a $3 per order fee).

Tickets available will be available in person as of July 3 at the TORONTO FRINGE FESTIVAL Box Office located at POSTSCRIPT (in the hockey rink at 275 Bathurst Street) from noon – 10pm.

Mourning After the Night Before – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release


Mourning After the Night Before at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Two drowned girls, a perilous love triangle, a mother-less child and a child-less mother. Chloë Whitehorn’s new play tackles the rippling impact of loss and the repercussions of drowning in every way a person can drown. Mourning After the Night Before premiered as a one act play at the Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival last spring where it was praised as “Beautifully and sensitively written, it’s haunting, darkly funny and mysterious.” (Cat McKim, Life With More Cowbell)

“It’s nothing, just a woman drowning.”

After 18 years of raising a child, Lucy (Mary Wall) doesn’t know who she is beyond the identity of “mother” to Pippa (Brianna Riché). When Drew (Dave Martin) moves them to a small coastal town to recover from a tragedy, they meet Everett (Jack Morton) and his “aunt” Fenwick (Loriel Medynski) who are also struggling with the tragic loss of Everett’s mother. There is an instant connection between Everett and both Lucy and Pippa.

“MILF. That’s a compliment right? But a cougar… A predator of male flesh, powerful and hungry. Well, god forbid an older woman appreciates the same embodiment of the male form that she did when she was younger.”

Producing partners Chloë Whitehorn and Cat Ratusny previously brought the BEST OF FRINGE hit Love, Virtually to the Toronto Fringe Festival. A mystery born of the depths of the water and the anguish of mental instability, directed by Heather Keith Mourning After the Night Before is a compelling new work delving into the trauma of suicide and the survival of those left behind.

“Water below and water from above and in the middle, that’s where all life is.”

Trigger warning: suicide and mental health

Mourning After the Night Before @ the Toronto Fringe Festival
Venue #8: Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse
Wednesday July 3 @ 9:45pm Friday July 5 @ 4:15pm Saturday July 6 @ 4:45pm Monday July 8 @ 7:45pm Thursday July 11 @ 2:45pm Saturday July 13 @ 10:15pm Sunday July 14 @ 5:45pm
Media members please note: absolutely no latecomer seating.
Tickets: $11 @ door, $13 in advance 416-966-1062

Monica vs. The Internet – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release



One Filipina. Thousands of racist internet trolls. One deep
dive into the comment section.

This is Monica vs. The Internet.

“[Monica Ogden] is the worst looking asian I ever saw. Filipinas are supposed to look hot, not feminist.” – Troll

From award winning storyteller and accidental comedian Monica Ogden comes a show that sheds light on activism in the age of the internet, mixed-race identity, and why white feminism is like Lays chips.

Pick of the Fringe WINNER – Bravest Show Victoria Fringe Festival 2017


An all new version of the sellout show Monica vs. The Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior from KP Thomas ( 2016 Youth Poet Laureate of Victoria, 2015 Youth Slam Champion, Victoria African & Caribbean Cultural Society Recognition Award Recipient ) and Monica Ogden (Guest Panelist at Emerald City Comic Con , Geek Girl Con , Outstanding Ensemble Pick of the Fringe WINNER – Victoria Fringe Festival 2016).

From Lilang’s immigration (Grandma in Illocano), her mother’s rise to stardom as Miss Kapuskasing, to navigating racist internet comments as a feminist YouTuber, Monica finds herself in the reality of intergenerational trauma, and coming to terms with how it affects the lives of the Filipina women who raised her. Monica vs. The Internet is a multi-media storytelling/stand-up show that will leave you in tears, both the laughy kind and the heart ones.

After winning the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals lottery, Rage Sweater Theatre Productions, a company of artists who belong to queer, Black, Filipinx, non-binary, disabled, communities of colour, are embarking on a six city tour to share and lift up underrepresented voices. #FringeofColour #FilipinxFringe



Directed by KP Productions
Written and Performed by Monica Ogden
Tarragon Theatre Solo Room (30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto, Canada)
Wed July 3, 6:30pm, Fri July 5, 10:00pm, Sat July 6, 3:15pm, Sun July 7, 6:45pm, Tues July 9, 5:00pm, Thurs July 11, 8:00pm, Fri July 12, 5:15pm, Sat July 13, 1:30pm

No latecomer seating
Purchase tickets online:
By Phone: 416-966-1062
In Person: During the festival at POSTSCRIPT, the patio at the Toronto Fringe. Located in the Hockey
Rink at 275 Bathurst Street (Dundas + Bathurst).

Molly Bloom – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release

Fourth Gorgon Theatre Presents…
From the final chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses
adapted & directed by Jocelyn Adema


“Genius.” “Bawdy.” “Nothing but praise.” – Mooney on Theatre

Molly Bloom is an original adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses’ final chapter. Four actors collectively play the consciousness of Molly Bloom as she lies awake in bed in this sensual and shocking exploration of one woman’s psyche.

The ensemble fell in love with this rich novel in a text analysis class at George Brown Theatre School with Peter Wylde in 2014, which prompted a staged reading in 2015, a workshop production in 2016, an independently produced production at Majalis Art Garden in 2018, bringing us to this fully realized production at the Toronto Fringe Festival 2019 complete with full design!

“Molly Bloom is the culmination of five years work – and it shows with the easy intimacy that they have with each other.” – Drew Rowsome. “Their comfort with the role grants them fluidity on stage, like a quartet of electrical charges bouncing from synapse to
synapse.” – Mooney on Theatre.

“There’s momentum in this young group of creators…this maiden voyage of Pippi: The Strongest Girl in the World proves that this crew has a solid course set out in front of them — they’re just going to need a bigger boat.” – Toronto Star 2017

“Sheer creative brillance”(You Know I Know) – Mooney On
Theatre Staff picks- Toronto Fringe 2015

Come see what another year of development has done for this already amazing piece!


60 MIN

JULY 7 8:15PM
JULY 9 4:30PM
JULY 10 6:30
JULY 12 10:30PM
JULY 13 8:30PM

@fourth.gorgon #mollybloomiscoming

Jocelyn Adema is a prairie-raised theatre creator. As
part of the Dora award winning ensemble of Bad Hats’ Peter Pan,
she is an actor/director/writer. Directing credits: Fourth Gorgon
Theatre’s Pippi: The Strongest Girl in the World, and The Newmarket Play Festival.

Annie Tuma: Pippi(co-writer/actor), Boeing Boeing(Magnus) Reanne Spitzer: Peter Pan(Soulpepper), Dry Land (cue6) Jenna-Lee Hyde: Drowning Girls (Globe Theatre), Our Town(Theatre Rusticle)
Lena Maripuu: Peter Pan(Soulpepper), Pippi(co-writer/actor)