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Megan loves being in the thick of all things theatre, but her ultimate goal is to promote theatre to the world of non-theatre people. It was the same when she was the theatre writer for blogTO, or the Fringe Correspondent for CBC Radio One‘s Here and Now, as it is as the founder of Mooney on Theatre. Her basic belief is that there is theatre/performance out there for everyone to love, they just need to find it. This is not to be confused with the idea that everyone should love theatre for theatre’s sake, in fact, as obsessed as she is with theatre, even *she* doesn’t love all types of theatre.

Katharine Ferns is in Stitches – Toronto Fringe 2018 Press Release

Image of Katherine Ferns in Katharine Ferns is in Stitches
From Press Release
“Katharine Ferns is in Stitches” at the Toronto Fringe Festival
July 4th @8:45pm, 6th @11:00pm, 8th @2:45pm, 10th @8:30pm, 11th @12:15pm, 13th @3:45pm, 14th @9:45pm
Factory Theatre – Studio (125 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2R2)
Tickets: Box Office: 1-416-966-1062
In Person: During the festival at main box office on the Fringe patio at Scadding Court – 707 Dundas St. West.
Manchester-Based Comedian Brings Critically Acclaimed Show to the Toronto Fringe
“It is a pitch perfect performance and a beautifully-written, perfectly-paced comedy script. Absolutely wonderfully done. A perfect Fringe show. Laughs. Tears. Jaw-dropping. It deserves a (formerly-known-as) Perrier Award” John Fleming
“Brutally honest from the start, this show just goes to prove you can make comedy out of tragedy…moving, witty and sincere.” **** North West End
“While some of us strive to destigmatize mental illness, to support victims of domestic violence and to empower women in embracing their sexuality, Katharine Ferns is out there doing the work, one theatre at a time.” Room Magazine
Brutally funny and unflinchingly honest, “In Stitches” is the latest Fringe hit from Manchester-based comedian Katharine Ferns (MTV, ichannel). This dark comedy show takes audiences through the visible and invisible scars of surviving mental illness, domestic violence, and drug addiction — with some feminism thrown in for comic relief. Based on true events from her own life, the story begins on April 21, 2016 — the day Prince passed away and Katharine ended up in stitches (literally). Through personal insights and a lot of laughs, Katharine’s acclaimed solo show leaves her audiences in stitches (figuratively).
Ferns says, “This is the most honest comedy show I have written. Violence and mental health are issues we don’t talk about enough, and through comedy I am able to talk about my experiences in a way that is empowering but also honest. Since performing this show in the UK, I have received so many messages from fellow survivors and people that want to be advocates for change in how we deal with domestic violence in society. These inspiring audience reactions propel me to keep telling my story and hopefully it helps others talk about their own experiences too.”
Following her critically-acclaimed performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Vancouver Fringe Festival in 2017, where she received an Honourable Mention for the Artistic Risk Award, Katharine is bringing her show to the Toronto Fringe at The Factory Theatre. After the festival circuit, Katharine will bring “In Stitches” to the small town where the events from her show actually happened. Ferns adds, “In a sense, I’m returning to the scene of the crime to tell my story and reveal the truth of what happened to me there, which I hid from everyone for so long.” A documentary on that journey is currently in development.
Industry and Audience Reviews:
“She takes intense personal moments, from physical pain to emotional scars, and makes them into jokes and heartbreak that we can share and relate to. This balancing act is very challenging, but Ferns is impressive in her quick turns.” TwoCents&TwoPence
“The most important and needed comedy show I’ve ever seen. Brilliant, hilarious, brave, poignant.” (Tara P)
“Absolutely brilliant, inspiring, heartbreaking and outrageously funny show.”(Mark P)
“The most incredible comedy performance I’ve ever seen.” (Phil J. as quoted on BBC Radio 2)
Link to more reviews:
More about Katharine Ferns:
“Perky, charismatic performer with an acute sense of irony” – Chortle
“Observant and witty, Katharine Ferns is a modern, 21st century woman, who throws herself into life and consequently her jokes.”— **** The Wee Review
“Salty-sweet, savagely honest, brutally funny.”—The Scene Magazine
Manchester-based comedian Katharine Ferns is relentlessly funny with her confessional and brutally honest storytelling style of comedy. With seemingly sweet and innocent charm, Katharine finds dark comedy in her observations on relationships, family, mental illness, feminism and her past misadventures.
In 2012, Katharine was a finalist in the Toronto’s Funniest Comedian Contest at Just For Laughs (JFL42) and while in Canada had been the support act for Jay Oakerson, Ari Shaffir, Kurt Metzger, Tom Segura, Sam Tripoli, Baron Vaughn, Brian Redban and Brendon Walsh. Katharine was featured on Canada’s ichannel in the stand-up series No Kidding and as a panelist on Inside Joke in 2014. She also appeared in an episode of MTV’s Losing It and several theatrical productions with the PineTree Players in Alberta.
In 2014 Katharine moved to the UK to continue her career in her family’s home country. That year she was a finalist in the Laughing Horse New Act Competition and in 2015, Katharine brought her 4 star debut solo show “Conscious, Incompetent” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2016, Katharine returned to Edinburgh with her work-in progress show “Faking It” and split hour with Evelyn Mok to rave reviews and she also was the support act for Dane Baptiste in Northern England.
In 2017, Katharine brought her new show “In Stitches” to the Leicester Comedy Festival, Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Greater Manchester Fringe and the Women in Comedy Festival. After a successful month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the show was part of the Mainstage at the Vancouver Fringe Festival to critical acclaim where Katharine was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Artist Risk Award.

Boy Wonders – Toronto Fringe 2018 Press Release

Cast of Boy Wonders

From Press Release

BOY WONDERS Swing into Fringe!

PETERBOROUGH, ON – May 28, 2018 – This summer, the secret confessions of costumed teenage sidekicks will be revealed at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Boy Wonders, an original play written and directed by Derek Weatherdon, takes the classic concept of the superhero sidekick and turns it on its head in a show that mixes comic book fantasy with a gritty, real world sensibility.

Boy Wonders presents a meeting between a group of crime fighting teenage protégés of Post WWII Superheroes. While their mentors are in a ballroom below forming a brand new superhero team, the sidekicks are sent to wait in a hotel room where, despite their genre-spanning differences, they discover that they are more similar than they might have thought. However, upon revealing their secret origins to one another, the heroes reveal that crime fighting isn’t all glory. It is actually a lonely life filled with danger, isolation and abuse. A drama filled with colorful characters and moments of comedy, Boy Wonders takes the same real world tone on fan favorite comic book series such as Watchmen and Kick Ass. Premiered by Peterborough’s Planet 12 Productions at The Theater on King in 2017, Boy Wonders was called “One of the Best Shows of 2017” by

Making the show unique is that the cast is made up of a talented roster of young performers between the ages of 13 to 15 playing characters filled with both wide eyed wonder and raw tragedy. The cast features the talents of Abbie Dale, Aimée Gordon, Emily Keller, Emma Meinhardt, Tyrnan O’Driscoll and Samuelle May, alongside adult performer Brad Brackenridge.

Boy Wonders is a show featuring real world themes and sensitive material mixed in with four-coloured pop culture mirth, performed by an exceptional group of young actors with the talent and maturity to make this material strike a strong emotional chord with its audience. Boy Wonders will be featured at Tarragon Theatre Extraspace, July 4-15, 2018.



Planet 12 Productions in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

Boy Wonders

written and directed by Derek Kregg Weatherdon

featuring Brad Brackenridge, Abbie Dale, Aimée Gordon, Emily Keller, Samuelle May, Emma Meinhardt, and Tyrnan O’Driscoll

Set design Amy Keller

Costume design by Heather Ross

Stage Managed by Nicole Roy






July 6, 1:00pm
July 7, 5:30pm
July 9, 8:00pm
July 11, 12:15pm
July 12, 6:00pm
July 13, 11:15pm
July 14, 3:45pm

 Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.

Available June 7, 2018

Purchase online:

By Phone: 416-966-1062

In Person: During the festival at our main box office at the Fringe patio at Scadding Court – 707 Dundas Street West.

Photo provided by the company

The Cardboard Countess – Toronto Fringe 2018 Press Release

image from The Cardboard Princess

urban spine’s

The Cardboard Countess

A troubled teen. A homeless woman garbed in gown of garbage bags. United by concerns of conservation, and isolated from their communities, a dangerous friendship grows. The Cardboard Countess tackles teen depression, mental health, homelessness, and the difficulties of forging human connection in today’s increasingly technological world.

by Victoria Goring

Actor (LOST, CRIMINAL MINDS), and Playwright Victoria Goring is developed this play through 2 Artist in residencies at San Gabriel National Monument and Hot Springs National Park. The set, costumes, and props are all handcrafted art created from recycled materials.


Carson Goring, age 14…
Carson Goring first attended a Fringe Festivals at 3 months. At the age of 12, Carson co-wrote an original musical about her observations of middle school. Middleschoolandia (, an instant Fringe hit. Carson’s travels across the continent are documented on the website:

Dempsey O’Connor, Maria Piccoli, Summer Rose, Abigail Stewart, Mackenzie Taylor, Anjelica Zimmerman , Russell Batcher, Nicole Filippovitch, Savannah Gabrielle, Shazdeh Kapadia, Abhishek Mishra Leah Nikolaeva

by urban spine

Dedicated to created theater that exposes our emotional nerves. Created in 1999, urban spine was creating sites specific theater before it was a recognized term. Lie With Me, was a sold out success. Sooz was the highest grossing Fringe play in Toronto in 2001, which subsequently played in BC, and resulted in a short film that CBC. Happy, Run, AND Middleschoolandia garnered critical acclaim and hold-overs.

Police Cops in Space – Toronto Fringe 2018 Press Release

Photo of Zachary Hunt and Nathan Parkinson in Police Cops From Space

From Press Release

THE BAD BOYS of narrative driven fringe theatre comedy are back in town! And by ‘back’ we mean making their Toronto debut!

That’s right, globally acclaimed (they got a review in Poland once) THE PRETEND MEN are kick- ing down the doors to the Toronto Fringe 2018 with their Edinburgh Fringe Festival SELL OUT show 2017; POLICE COPS IN SPACE; a’Low Fi Sci-Fi’ comedy blockbuster that breaks all the rules; including how many semi-colons you can use in one sentence;.

The Pretend Men, a 3 man comedy company ‘straight outa sudbry suffolk’, have been tearing up fringe circuits all around the world, receiving critical acclaim, winning various comedy awards and breaking hearts while there at it. It’s no wonder the press are referring to them as ‘The Pretend Men’.

Currently on a worldwide tour (of north america) The Pretend Men are gracing the TORONTO Fringe with their presence. I was lucky enough to catch up with Nathan Parkinson for a quick interview.

“As I sat in the lobby of New York’s ‘Los Angeles Hotel’ where one third of three man comedy com- pany The Pretend Men (and three thirds talent) Nathan had agreed to meet me, I couldn’t help but feel as though something life-changing was about to happen. I could tell at once it was him as he made his way through those big spinning door things they have in fancy hotels. As he glided to- ward me and introduced himself I felt all at once entirely comfortable, as if I had know him my en- tire life, yet so bowled over by his obvious charisma and charm that I almost melted into my chair, like a buttery cube (butter) on a toasted bread (toast). I was vulnerable, looking skyward into his eyes, but a babe before him. Despite his youth I couldn’t help but sense behind his kind, thoughtful eyes, the wisdom of a grandfather, who’d seen it all, or a cartoon owl dressed up like an old school headmaster. He made me feel as though anything could, and would happen at any moment. I stared deep into his eyes, the hotel lobby clock reflected in their shimmer and it felt as though an eternity (9 minutes 22 seconds) past without a single word being volleyballed between us. And then, without warning, and as quickly as he had entered, he was gone – and all that remained were two, perfectly symetrical, concaved inprints in the leather chair opposite where his muscular ass buns had once been. And a flyer for The Pretend Men’s show POLICE COPS IN SPACE, Factory Theatre, Main Space, July 4th – 14th. Concessions available.”

Awards & Acclaim for THE PRETEND MEN

WINNER – ‘The Stage Award for Acting Excellence 2015’
WINNER – ‘Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence 2015’
WINNER – ‘Pulse Festival Suitcase Award 2015’
WINNER – ‘Cape Town Fringe Best International Show 2016′
WINNER – ‘VAULT Festival People’s Choice Award 2016’
WINNER – ‘IYAF Best Comedy Show Award 2016’
WINNER – ‘IYAF Best Theatre Award 2016’
NOMINATED – ‘Barry Award Best Show 2016’

★★★★★ “Unbeatable physical cop parody” – The Stage
★★★★★ “The juggernaut of cheesy parody” – EdFestMag
★★★★★ “The best comedy show of 2015″ – The New Current
★★★★★ “An absolute jewel in the crown” – The Argus
★★★★ “The Pajama Men meets Max and Ivan” – Herald Sun
★★★★ “A joy to behold” – Scotsman
★★★★ “Farce at its most intelligent” – GQ Magazine
★★★★ “Physically mesmerising” – Three Weeks

The Pretend Men:

Zachary Hunt Nathan Parkinson Tom Roe

Listings Information

The Pretend Men present
Police Cops in Space

Created and Performed | The Pretend Men Dramaturg | Nasi Voustas

Lighting Design | Adam Bottomley

Running Time: 55 mins Suitable for ages: 12+

4th,7th,8th,10th,12th,13th,14th July 2018, Various Times.
Factory Theatre Main Space – 125 Bathurst St Toronto Ontario M5V 2R2

Police Cops in Space is co-produced by New Diorama Theatre and supported by Arts Council Eng- land.

Photo of Zachary Hunt and Nathan Parkinson by Adam Bottomley

The Joy of Sax – Toronto Fringe 2018 Press Release

Photo of Kimberly Wells in the Joy of Sax

From Press Release

The Joy of Sax, a Saxploitation Comedy at the Toronto Fringe

From first-time playwright and theatre director Tim Phillips, The Joy of Sax follows the journey of amateur saxophonist Luke, whose playing causes euphoric, toe curling, sweat inducing, spine arching, eye-rolling reactions in anyone within earshot. As a result of his “gift”, Luke’s life and very identity are soon exploited by a shameless agent, an obsessive landlord, and a diverse collection of insatiable fans. He stumbles through this new world of fame and fandom while simply trying his best to blow his own horn.

The hour-long “saxploitation” comedy, which debuts in Theatre Passe Muraille’s Mainspace during this summer’s 30th Annual Toronto Fringe Festival, aims for an ecstatic response from cast and audience members alike. This flamboyant theatrical style is new to Flash in the Deadpan Productions which started out devoted to film, producing comedic shorts such as High and Drythe story of a young couple who discover their clothes dryer has the power to age them dramatically, and Snooze Tease, winner of Best Comedy at the 2015 Route 66 Film Festival.

The Joy of Sax’s large, diverse ensemble cast is composed of hilarious comedic actors and improvisers with a broad range of credits from institutions such as Second City, the Social Capital Theatre and the Toronto Fringe Festival. Among them, Jason Reilly is back performing at the Fringe after previously starring in It Was Kit (2006 Best of Fringe) and The Aquarium (2010). Kimberley Wells returns after her Toronto Fringe debut in last year’s A Flea in Her Ear. Lead actor Cam Parkes is making his own Fringe debut this year alongside talented new voices like Kelly Seo and Alex Cameron. Theatre veteran Ted Powers joins the cast after playing Bela Wrangler in a sold out run of Crazy for You for Scarborough Music Theatre.

During trying times, The Joy of Sax offers big, bold laughs while detailing the inanities aspiring artists face in pursuit of their dreams. From the decidedly deadpan to the audaciously absurd, this comedy spreads joy with every note.

 Flash in the Deadpan Productions
in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

The Joy of Sax

Writer and Director: Tim Phillips

Cast: Alexander Cameron, Derek Chan, Heather Ferguson, Cam Parkes, Ted Powers, Jason Reilly, Kelly Seo, Lex Stultz, Kimberley Wells, Blair Woodward

Producers: Alexander Franks, Sandra Otter, and Tim Phillips
Production Manager and Lighting Design: Kaho Koda

Stage Manager: Milena Fera

 Runs from July 5 to 15, 2018

Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace, 16 Ryerson Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2P3


Thursday, July 5, 6:30pm (PREVIEW)
Saturday, July 7, 11:30pm (OPENING NIGHT)
Monday, July 9, 7:15pm
Tuesday, July 10, 4:30pm
Wednesday, July 11, 12:00pm
Friday, July 13, 1:45pm
Sunday, July 15, 5:00pm (CLOSING PERFORMANCE)

Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating. Run time is 60 minutes.


Purchase tickets online or by phone starting on Thursday, June 7, 2018.


By Phone: 416-966-1062

Purchase tickets in-person during the festival starting on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Main Festival Box Office: Fringe patio at Scadding Court – 707 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5T 2W6

Theatre Passe Muraille Venue Box Office: 16 Ryerson Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2P3

Photo of Kimberly Wells by Tim Phillips

Ten Years of Mooney on Theatre

Mooney on Theatre has grown a lot since my first post ten years ago today. It started as a way for me to expand my coverage of Toronto’s theatre scene. At the time I was covering shows for BlogTO and really enjoying it, but there was understandably limited space to talk about theatre. Then I was included as part of Toronto’s Mille Femmes — described as “a tribute to 1,000 artistic, creative and inspiring women from Toronto and their protégés, who embody the passion and heritage of the city” — and was told I was ‘a mentor.’ It was the kick in the butt I needed to start my own place to talk about theatre as much as I wanted.

When I hit publish on that first collection of words, I never imagined it would be what it is today.

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Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe Ticket Giveaways for Shows on Friday, July 7th

Fringe For Free GraphicToday’s the day! Fringe has begun! And I’m posting this late because I’m in a Fringe Frenzy over here!

I know it’s hard to believe, but we actually already have reviews in our review index! So, I hope you will forgive the tardiness.

Especially since, in return for your forgivness, you get the opportunity to enter to win a pair tickets to see free theatre on Friday July 7. Actually, 5 opportunities. All you have to do is click ‘read more” to check out the rules and read a bit more about the shows that are in the contest.

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Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe Ticket Giveaways for Shows on Thursday, July 6th

Fringe For Free GraphicFolks! Fringe starts tomoorrow! Can you believe it! Have you entered the contest for tickets to opening day shows yet? If you haven’t go do it, it’s okay, I’ll wait here while you do.

Okay, now that’s done, guess what! Here’s a chance for 5 more shows on Thursday! We’re going to keep doing this for shows playing right up until the last Friday! I know! It’s so exciting! That’s why there are so many exclamation marks!

Click “Read More” for the contest rules and some infomation about the 5 shows you can win tickets to for Thursday, July 8.
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Alone in this Together – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press releasephoto of sketch troupe Not Oasis


TORONTO – Hot, up-n-coming Toronto Sketch comedy troupe Not Oasis is bringing their unique blend of absurd, heartfelt, provocative, and delightfully dark comedy to the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival with a brand new show “Alone in this Together”.

The highly diverse troupe – they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Gay, Straight, Bi, Brit, so basically they couldn’t be more Torontonian – are developing the show as a follow up to their acclaimed Second City Conservatory grad show “We Can’t Even Even”. Once again the troupe will be directed by Second City Alumnus Nigel Downer. “Aw shit I’m directing them AGAIN?” said Downer when asked why he agreed to sign on with Not Oasis for a second show “I thought I deleted their phone numbers”.

The show touches on many current hot button issues as well as topics you’ve likely never even thought about. “That’s the beauty of writing comedy from so many unique individual perspectives” says troupe member Anne McMaster “you get scenes about stuff we all care about like racism and homophobia but you also get weird stuff like scenes about bra padding, lost yogurt and Tetris that make you think ‘oh yeaaaaaah that IS weird!’ ”.

Not Oasis formed at the Second City Training Centre in 2015 and has been building buzz ever since they made the finals of the Big City Improv Festival’s Total Knock Out Tournament. The troupe has since appeared at the 2016 Big City Improv Festival and the 2017 Toronto SketchFest. Their monthly show “Hat Trick Comedy” at the Social Capital theatre runs the third Saturday of the month.

Not Oasis develops sketches through free-form and narrative improvisation, as well as premise-based improv. Sketches are tested and re-tested in front of live audiences, until they are baked to perfection.

Not Oasis Productions

in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival Presents:

Alone in this Together

Written by and starring King Chiu, Katherine Fogler, Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd, Anne McMaster, Chris O’Neill, Nico Rice, Shohana Sharmin

Directed by Nigel Downer

Stage managed by Chris Middleton

Musical direction by Jordan Armstrong

Facebook: notoasis

Twitter: @not_oasis


Instagram: @not_oasis

Opens July 6 runs to July 16 

Tarragon Extraspace – 30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto, ON


Thursday, July 6 6:45pm

Friday, July 7 2:45pm

Saturday, July 8 5:30pm

Sunday, July 9 8:30pm

Tuesday, July 11 9:45pm

Friday, July 14 1:45pm

Sunday, July 16 12:15pm

Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.


Purchase online:

By Phone: 416-966-1062

In Person: During the festival at our main box office at the Fringe Club at Scadding Court – 707 Dundas Street West.

photo of Nico Rice, Shohana Sharmin, Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd, King Chiu, Anne McMaster, Chris O’Neill, Katherine Fogler by Katherine Fogler Photography

Bendy Sign Tavern – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press release:
photo of Kaitlin Morrow by Connor Low
Sex T-Rex presents BENDY SIGN TAVERN at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival
A musical rom-com. With puppets.
Veteran comedic theatre company Sex T-Rex returns to at The Toronto Fringe Festival for the fifth year in a row to premiere their first-ever puppet show, Bendy Sign Tavern, from July 5th to the 15th, 2017.
Bendy Sign Tavern is a puppet show unlike any you’ve seen before. Set in Toronto’s third oldest bar, The Paddock Tavern, this is not just a show for kids. It’s more of an animated Cheers where audiences will be able to order pints from a puppet, catch the latest puppet sports on TV and get caught up on puppet politics as they eavesdrop on the bar staff falling in love, breaking up bar fights, serving rude businessmen, and breaking out into song.
Actor and musician Elliott Loran (Morro and Jasp, Snack Music) has co-written the show’s original songs and will make his Sex T-Rex debut as the Human Piano Man, performing live music throughout. Bendy Sign Tavern will also feature appearances by different Fringe artists at every performance. The puppets have all been masterminded by core company member Kaitlin Morrow, recent recipient of My Entertainment World’s 2016 Honourary My Theatre Award for invigorating the art of puppetry.
The story follows bartender and aspiring musician Joan and her love-struck co-worker Bob as they try to prepare Bendy Sign for the opportunity of a lifetime – hosting the after-party of double-platinum pop star Tim Rek! Of course, it won’t be easy. Everything from diabolical health inspectors to drunken bachelorette wolves to giant man-eating spiders stand in their way, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a heartfelt musical montage.
Sex T-Rex is a multi award-winning comedy company (2016 Second City Award for Most Outstanding Comedy, 2015 Just For Laughs Best Comedy) since 2008, with six original plays and hundreds of improv shows under their cretaceous belts. A company in residence at Bad Dog Comedy Theatre, they also regularly perform at such venues as The Second City and Comedy Bar.
The Paddock Tavern 

178 Bathurst St.

Wednesday, July 5 – 7.30pm 
Thursday, July 6 – 7.30pm
Friday, July 7 – 7:30pm

Saturday, July 8 – 7.30pm

Sunday, July 9 – 8.30pm*

*(special “late-night” show!)

Monday, July 10 – 7.30pm
Tuesday, July 11 – 7.30pm
Wednesday, July 12 – 7.30pm
Thursday, July 13 – 7.30pm
Friday, July 14 – 7.30pm
Saturday, July 15 – 7.30pm

$10 + $2 fee
On sale now online or by phone
By phone: 416-966-1062
In person during the festival: Box Office at The Fringe Club
at Scadding Court Community Centre (707 Dundas St. West)
For more information:
Created and performed by Sex T-Rex
Josef Addleman
Conor Bradbury
Julian Frid
Elliott Loran
Kaitlin Morrow
Seann Murray
Danny Pagett
Praise for Sex T-Rex
2016 Canadian Comedy Award finalists for Best Ensemble
Winners of the 2016 Second City Award for Most Outstanding Comedy for Wasteland
Winners of the 2015 Just for Laughs Best Comedy Award for SwordPlay
“A stellar cast, imaginative choreography and non-stop laughs” ★★★★★ -CBC
“Comic gold” – NNNN, Critics’ Pick – NOW Magazine
 photo of Kaitlin Morrow by Connor Low