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Theory – Staged Reading – The New Ideas Festival – Alumnae Theatre

By Sam Mooney

Long title, isn’t it?

I saw Theory by Norman Yeung, a wonderful staged reading, on Saturday as part of The New Ideas Festival at Alumnae Theatre.  I didn’t go planning to review it but it was so terrific that I decided to write about it – and about staged readings.

Theory is a beautifully written play about a film course, a professor, her students, technology, new media, and privacy. There wasn’t really a set.  There were chairs for the actors and for the person who read the stage directions.  Each of the actors had a script and read from it.  They read as if they were performing, not as if they were reading.  It really is like a radio play.

You may be asking yourself “what is a staged reading?”

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Five for Twenty (or Less)

by Leanne Milech

Our mission at Mooney on Theatre is to make theatre more accessible, which is just one of the reasons we are over-the-moon excited about this weekly post: we get giddy helping people find their way to local Toronto theatre, especially when it’s high quality entertainment on a budget!  This week, we’ve uncovered a secret code that gives you a cost-efficient edge on theatre-going, two pay-what-you-can laugh-ins, an edgy, experimental theatre festival and a poetry play, all for twenty dollars or less.

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