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Always a theatre lover Sam realized in middle age that there's more to Toronto theatre than just mainstream and is now in love with one person shows, adores festivals, and quirky venues make her day.

Review: My Own Private Shakespeare (Modernclassic Theatre Company)

Justin Hay on a darkened stage next to a throne

Modernclassic Theatre Company’s production of Justin Hay’s My Own Private Shakespeare is playing at the Assembly Theatre. The small space, with seats removed to allow social distancing, adds a layer of intimacy to the evening.

My Own Private Shakespeare is a one person play performed, as well as written, by Hay who is a Shakespearean actor. Although it’s not stated anywhere, the play feels autobiographical. It’s about a Shakespearean actor whose life is imploding. He sees parallels between the things happening in his life and some of Shakespeare’s texts and weaves them into his story. It’s wonderfully effective. Continue reading Review: My Own Private Shakespeare (Modernclassic Theatre Company)

Review: As You Like It (Crow’s Theatre)

Cliff Cardinal kneeling in front of footlights

Oh the joy of seeing live theatre again after so long. It was a truly a gift to be at the opening of the Crow’s Theatre production of As You Like It, a radical retelling by Cliff Cardinal. I have seen a few remarkable online performances during the pandemic but nothing virtual can compare with being part of a live audience, of feeling the energy of the performers and the rest of the audience. Absolute bliss!

Admittedly I was fairly anxious before I went, to the point of considering not going. I gave myself permission to leave if I felt panicked during the evening and that eased my anxiety. Crow’s Theatre’s policy that all patrons have to be vaccinated and wear masks at all times on the premises also helped to calm me down. It was worth it to experience Cliff Cardinal’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s As you Like It. Continue reading Review: As You Like It (Crow’s Theatre)

Review: Is My Microphone On? (Canadian Stage)

High Park Amphitheatre

Before you vote on September 20th – you are planning to vote, right? – you need to see the Canadian Stage production of Is My Microphone On? It is part of their Dream in High Park summer programming at the High Park Amphitheatre.

In his newest play, Jordan Tannahill holds us to account for climate change. For the choices we’ve made and the future we’re leaving our children.

In case you’re thinking, “I don’t know, that sounds kind of heavy for a late summer evening entertainment,” trust me, it’s terrific theatre. Invigorating, challenging, entertaining – an evening well spent. Continue reading Review: Is My Microphone On? (Canadian Stage)

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Review: Blind Confidence (Next Stage Community Booster 2021)

Graham Isador

Blind Confidence, written and performed by Graham Isador, is playing as part of the Storytelling series in the Next Stage‘s 2021 virtual festival Community Booster.

Sometimes things happen in our lives where we end up saying, “Well, at least I got a good story out of it.” When Isador was asked to help create a version of ‘edgy morning television’ for a Montreal market, at least he got a good story out of it.

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