Review: The Flick (Outside the March)

Photo of Colin Doyle, Durae McFarlane and Amy Keating in The Flick by Dahlia Katz

‘The Flick’ is “captivating, funny, and real”.

It’s true that, for the three-hour-and-fifteen-minute running time of Outside the March’s production of Annie Baker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning The Flick, not very much actually happens. It’s also true that, were its characters working those three hours, each of their paycheques, minimum wage in Massachusetts, would total only about $25.

Baker’s play, dealing in empty space, desultory popcorn-sweeping, and freewheeling conversations, details the interactions between three employees at one of the last theatres to use 35mm film projectors instead of going digital. Not much happens, and yet, it’s a genuinely thrilling theatre experience that deals humanely and sensitively with the kind of people whose lives never appear on the big screen.

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Review: The Jungle (Tarragon)

Picture of Shannon Currie and Matthew Gin in The Jungle ‘The Jungle’ is “heartfelt, heavy, moving and funny”.

The Jungle premiered last night at Tarragon Theatre and it was a punch to the gut: very real and very much told with eyes wide open. Billed as a Toronto love story between an immigrant from Moldova and the son of Chinese immigrants, it wrestled with what it really means to be working class, and if getting ahead is systemically possible in a capitalist society.

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Cheap Theatre for the Week of October 7, 2019

MoT’s 5 under $25 for the Week of October 7, 2019.

There is so much amazing theatre this fall in Toronto. And, if you’re anything like me, you want to see it all! But all of that theatre can certainly leave a dent in the wallet. It’s a good thing that there are some amazing options to see theatre for under $25 all over the city to stretch the number of shows we can see with the same dollars. Yes – some of these shows have tickets over $25, but they all have seats for under $25 as well. Sometimes the view from the cheap seats is better than up close…

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Review: Amigas Cheetas (Theatre Centre)

photo of Amigas Cheetahs performersEclectic comedy show delivers big laughs in Toronto

Amigas Cheetahs is a stand-up comedy show at Toronto’s Theatre Centre that’s part of a 5-day festival Comedy Is Art. Showcased are comedians who are LGBTQIA2+ and people of colour, and they are non-stop, laugh-out-loud funny.

The show begins with the two hosts dancing, and it sets the tone for a funny, expressive evening. While Brandon Ash-Mohammed and Ben Sosa Wright don’t have all their steps in sync, they make up for it by letting us in on the challenges of rehearsal.

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Review: Girl From the North Country (David Mirvish)

Photo of Katie Brayben and Shak Taylor dancing together in Girl from the North CountryBob Dylan musical is “dramatically beautiful,” now on stage in Toronto

It’s a mistake to expect Girl from the North Country — playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre — to be a musical. It’s a play with singing and some dancing. With a couple of exceptions, the songs are sung to the audience, not by one character to another the way they usually are in musicals. Playwright Conor McPherson says it’s “a conversation between the songs and the story.”

Simon Hale’s superb arrangements of 20 Bob Dylan songs — or sometimes parts of songs — as solo and ensemble pieces bring new depth to old favourites like “Slow Train”, “Like a Rolling Stone”, and “Forever Young.” And the music is just part of what makes the play terrific.

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