Jem Rolls – how i stopped worrying and learnt to love the mall by jem rolls (Toronto Fringe 2008 Review)

jem-rolls First – go see Jem Rolls.  Even if you have to skip something else. 

His show is an hour of high-energy, full-body "theatricalised performance poetry".  I had no idea what that meant when I read the blurb in the program but it sounded interesting so I went with no expectations. 




Jem is a consummate performer.  It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the performer come out before the show and say hello to everyone standing in line.  I was on-side before I even got inside.

And speaking of the line – this was a 12.30 Wednesday performance and it was almost a full house.  There was already a significant line-up when we arrived at noon.  I figured that the buzz must be good.

And the buzz should be good.  It was fabulous.  A one hour poem, with actions.  (Remember that from elementary school?)  This is not Margaret Atwood reading one of her poems.  This is high energy fast-moving entertainment – with a message.

The Green Party meets Monty Python on speed.  Idea follows observation follows metaphor, word after word after word, all at the speed of light.  And he never stops moving. 

Go see Jem Rolls!

JEM ROLLS: how i stopped worrying and learnt to love the mall is playing at the Glen Morris Theatre on July 10, 11, and 12.  For more info see the Toronto Fringe web site.