A Girl Named Ralph – Toronto Fringe 2008 Review

Review by Fredde Clarke

Editor’s Note:  In the review of Sherlock Holmes & The First English Gentleman by Sam Mooney she mentioned that she saw the show with "My 82 year old mother and 15 year old niece are fringing with me for three days" – Fredde Clarke is the 82 year old mother she was referring to. 



I came from Eastern Ontario to see 4 plays in the Toronto Fringe Festival – The only one I specifically chose that I really wanted to see was A Girl Named Ralph.  I certainly was not disappointed.

The piece was so obviously true life.  Makes one feel both happy, and a little sad.  It was not a long play, but a most enjoyable one.

The fade outs could have been much shorter, either just a dim out, or stop action while Ralph came in to speak.  I enjoyed the players and have no real criticism of any of the acting.


In this instance, I think the story is the thing and the show could be expanded into a very interesting two-act play with additional material.


A Girl Named Ralph is playing at the Robert Gill Theatre for two more shows, July 11 and 12. For more info see the Toronto Fringe website.