so much to say, so little time

Okay, so, you may have noticed that I’m falling behind here…

I have much to write about, many things floating around in my head, but due to some random things in my life I haven’t been able to do it (I’d tell you all about them, but really, they’re pretty boring for anyone but me…)

So, what have I been neglecting?

  • The longer more detailed writing about my thoughts on the Summerworks shows I’ve seen, all of which I liked, some of which I LOVED (Dust and The Pastor Phelps Project leap to mind for the latter category).
  • A write up of Avenue Q (again, I liked it, you can read my blogTO review here), well, the additional stuff that I didn’t put in the blogTO article at least.
  • Answering a couple ‘theatre questions’ I’ve been asked recently

I am sure I’ve been neglecting lots and lots and lots of other stuff too, but those are the key points.

I figure maybe, just maybe, if I write it down here in the pixeled word then I’ll actually get my ass in gear and write those things up.

Fingers crossed…  *grin*