This just in: Baby steals World Theatre Day!

So, since this is a theatre blog, I suspect that you probably thought there’d be at least some content on the blog yesterday (March 27) in honour of World Theatre Day, but no.  There was a *cough* technical glitch.  Okay, well, by technical I guess what I really mean is, I ran out of time and energy thanks to a wee babe.

What does this all mean?  Well, basically it boils down to this:  Maxwell Mooney Bourke has stolen World Theatre Day.  I will work on having him return it for it’s celebration next week…

I suppose this is the time to wax poetic about the status of theatre in the world these days, or, in Toronto, since I really don’t have experience with enough theatre anywhere else.  The thing is, I’ve actually been out of the theatre scene in Toronto.  I had to stop going during the end of my pregnancy (walking in and out of plays to go to the bathroom is frowned upon), and I honestly haven’t had time to do much at all with a newborn around.

It`s been pretty fascinating actually.  I`ve been out of the game for 4 months or so, which doesn`t sound that long.  But I actually feel completely out of touch.  I feel like I no longer know anything about the Toronto theatre scene.   It`s been an interesting lesson in how disconnected from theatre one can feel if they`re not *in* the scene.  I guess it just highlights the problem of theatre feeling inaccessible and insular.

I wish I had a magic answer to that.  I keep thinking if I won the lottery there`s so much I could do that would be fun and useful and maybe, just maybe, make a start at the idea of theatre for the masses again.  But really, not pinning my hopes on the 1 in 17000000 chance of winning (possibly even a smidgen less since I don`t tend to buy lottery tickets).

So, what should we do?  What can we do?  How do we get people to agree to a plan of action, because I’m pretty sure this isn’t something that one or two companies can do on their own.

What do you think?  Any brilliant ideas?