be sure to check out the InspiraTO festival starting June 4

From the press release:

Join us June 4th when Toronto’s only ten-minute play festival, InspiraTO, kicks off its 4th season with 10 exciting new plays by a diverse array of playwrights. Playing until June 13th at the Lorraine Kimsa Studio Theatre, InspiraTO gives Torontonians the chance to experience the growing genre of ten-minute plays.

InspiraTO features plays selected by an experienced jury that range from hilarious to the dramatic and everything in between. Submission requirements required all plays to be based on the theme of “taste”, following last year’s successful theme of “smell/scent”. With a record breaking 318 play submissions, first place prize for this year’s festival has been awarded to playwright Michael Lew for In Paris You Will Find Many Baguettes But Only One True Love.

This year’s expert jury was made up of four of Canada’s leading theatre talent. Including, Scenic Artist Daniela Mazic, playwright Molly Thom, two-time Chalmers and Dora Award winning playwright Shirley Barrie, and InspiraTO’s Artistic Director and playwright Dominik Loncar.

Founded in 2006 by Dominik Loncar, InspiraTO has produced 35 ten-minute plays with over 740 play submissions. Playwrights love to participate because it gives them the chance to test drive their creativity with greater odds of getting their plays produced at such festivals as the Short & Sweet Festival in Australia, the Humana Festival in the U.S., and now InspiraTO. “A ten-minute play,” explains Loncar, “is a compact play, with a beginning, middle and an end. This is not a Saturday Night sketch comedy or scene study, but short, thought-provoking plays.”

Festival information for InspiraTO:
Venue:             Lorraine Kimsa Studio Theatre
Opens:             June 4, 2009   
Closes:            June 13, 2009
Performances:        Thursday to Saturdays at 8 PM
Tickets:             All tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door

For tickets and more information, including playwright biographies and play synopsis please visit

The Festival’s lineup is as follows:

Simple Question
By: Michael Wilmot
Directed by: Victoria Shepherd
Cast: Ned Petrie, Lindsey Alston

Jalapeno Cough Syrup
By: Albert Pergande
Directed by: Cydney Penner
Cast: Ingrid Wirsig, Chris Reid-Geisler

Say No More
By: Michael Kimball
Directed by: Dominik Loncar
Cast: Tracey Beltrano, Mark Augustine, Janine John, Mike Charles

The Piano
By: Amy Fox
Directed by: Jaclynn Tanner
Cast: Ese Atawo, Adrian Sheperd-Gawinski, Sara Mitich

Human Beans
By: Cerise de Gelder
Directed by: Meg Gennings
Cast: Cary West, Pauline Wu, Nathan Callens, Jimmy King

Fifty Years Hungry
By: Daniel Heath
Directed by: Brian Crosby
Cast: Candi Zell, Natalie Feheregyhazi

Purity & the Prince
By: Robin Rice Lichtig
Directed by: Richard Carter
Cast: Josh Boychuk, Kimberly Persona

While Isabelle Bleeds
By: Sasha Semienchuk
Directed by: Liz Bragg
Cast: Brian Dickson, Anne Shepherd

In Paris You Will Find Many Baguettes But Only One True Love
By: Michael Lew
Directed by: Tommy Taylor
Cast: Adam Bradley, Mila Beaudoin, Elissa Ciullo

Atomic Fireball
By: Dominik Loncar
Directed by: Eve Kinizo
Cast: Irene Theocharis, Kasia Dyszkiewicz, Lauren Maykut

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  1. GOTTA SEE THIS! I attended Inspirato last night – 7/10 plays were fantastic. Only one was hard to watch – but it only lasts 10 minutes! Human Beans was so ridiculously funny, I was laughing hysterically (I needed that!). There was some really great acting and clever treatments. My 3 favorites: Simple Question, The Piano, In Paris….

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