And the Harold goes to…

So, yesterday saw the 2009 version of the Harold Awards.  It’s the place where independent theatre folks get recognized in a light-hearted, but heart-warming way.

Winning comes with a price – the current winners plan next year’s Harolds and choose the winners, but it’s a pretty fun price.

This year’s winners were:

Paula Forst
Chris Owens & David Gale
Paul Haferty
Justin Roddy
Jenny Ginder
Zoja Smutny
Diane Leah
Lindsay Anne Black
Glenn Davidson
Wayne Fairhead & Sue Daniel
Mike Ross
Ann & David Powell
Geoffrey Pounsett & Christopher Stanton
Bonnie Green
Ken McDougall Award for directing:  Evalyn Parry

I’ll try and track down more information, see if there’s any specifics on these folks, so that you can know why they’re awesome.