Coming to Toronto Fringe 2009: The List

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Quartetto Virago Unites Journalism and Theatre at the Fringe

Quartetto Virago will present The List, an original play with four actresses, plenty of women, and all the men in the world, at the Fringe Festival of Toronto July 1 to 12, 2009.

Sara Beck, Jennifer Kenneally, Amy Symington and Chloë Ariane Whitehorn interviewed nearly 40 women and asked them what they look for in a partner. The result was The List: a series of monologues about real women, real voices, and real lists.

Writer/actor Jennifer Kenneally says, “We spoke to seniors, teenagers, and women of all ages in between. We spoke to women who were well-off, women on welfare, black women, brown women, white women, straight women, lesbian women, women who prefer not to choose, women who were happily married, unhappily married, happily divorced, and women who were single for a hundred different reasons.”

Quartetto Virago’s contributing talents include veterans of the Queen’s University drama department, Fishbowl Theatre, Poculi Ludique Societas, Domino Theatre, Dramatic Impact Theatre, Op Knox Entertainment, Wellington Street Theatre, and numerous independent films. Writer/actor Chloë Ariane Whitehorn says there is a strong common value among the cast about taking on challenging roles, and with the four actors playing nearly ten different characters each, the cast rises to the challenge.

“We all have a list, whether we articulate it or not. It’s made up of our hopes, expectations, cultures, and experiences. It changes as we grow, and every partner we have helps us refine it. Sometimes we add to it. Sometimes we subtract from it. It’s hilarious, heartbreaking, revealing, and above all, real.” says writer/actor Sara Beck. Writer/actor Amy Symington adds, “The List is not about what we don’t want in a partner. It’s about what we do want. So what’s on your list?”

The List written and performed by Sara Beck, Jennifer Kenneally, Amy Symington and Chloë Ariane Whitehorn
Directed by Becky Bridger
with music composed by Cat Ratusny
The Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse, 79A St. George Street (south of Harbord)
Friday July 3rd @ 5:15, Saturday July 4th @ 7:30, Tuesday July 7th @ 9:00, Wednesday July 8th @ Noon, Thursday July 9th @ 11:00pm, Saturday July 11th @ 5:45, and Sunday July 12th @ 1:45

Warnings: Mature Audiences, Language

Tickets $10 Absolutely No Latecomers

The Fringe Hotline at (416) 966-1062