Coming to Toronto Fringe 2009: KILLING KEVIN SPACEY

From Release

(ed. note:  Unfortunately they did not include their press release in the body of the email, and the PDF they sent can’t be copied and pasted from, so this is all I can provide you with)

"KILLING KEVIN SPACEY" is appearing at this years Toronto Fringe.

Last year, "Killing Kevin Spacey" appeared in Edmonton and Winnipeg, garnering Best of Fest and being held over in each city.  KKS was also sold out 16 straight times, between the two cities.  We are hoping to build on last years success with the Toronto Fringe, before taking it off Broadway.

This is Wolf Productions third show in Toronto.  The others being last years Patrons Pick, THE MOVIES (abridged) = (4 stars EYE, 4/4 NOW, 4.5 Toronto Sun) and THE BIBLE (abridged) = (4.5 EYE, Featured by Toronto Star)