Coming to Toronto Fringe 2009: THE SLEUTH SISTERS

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An original live-off-the-air radio drama

1950’s… The mayor’s daughter has been kidnapped. The amazing detective duo: the Sleuth Sisters, are called in to crack the case. The Sisters arrive at the mayor’s wacky estate and discover it’s run by children – every one of whom is a suspect…


560 Palmerston Avenue (North of Bloor), Toronto, ON M6G 2P7

Friday July 3 12:00 pm

Saturday July 4 11:00 am

Monday July 6 5:40 pm

Tuesday July 7 2:05 pm

Wednesday July 8 11:00 am

Friday July 10 2:20 pm

Saturday July 11 6:50 pm

Sunday July 12 2:05 pm

The Sleuth Sisters is a suspenseful, comic, whodunit radio drama with live music and sound effects.  Set in the 1950s during the Golden Days of Radio, this is a unique opportunity for audiences of all ages to see a lost art form – that of the radio drama, which features vocal actors gathered around script and microphone as sound effects technicians wield their various noise-making gadgets…

Performed by Harmony Theatre’s amazing ensemble of children actors from Minnesota, USA.

Written and Directed by Jeremy Roth

Production Director Elena Khalitov

Harmony Theatre (founded in 2004 in Minneapolis) uniquely connects diverse immigrant and non-immigrant communities. Our theatre crew members are first- and second-generation immigrants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, newcomers from Israel, and American-born English-speaking

children and adult artists.

Admission: $10 (adults) $5 (children)

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