Fringe For Free: BAGS: Obsessions of a Hoardaholic – Sunday at noon

contest-web-graphic In this world of decluttering books cluttering the landscape, maybe this show will have a few lessons.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to BAGS for the 12pm show on Sunday July 5 playing at Glen Morris Theatre.

To enter the draw, all you need to do is leave a comment* sometime before 10am tomorrow (Sunday) to be entered for tickets to tomorrow’s show. 

More detailed information about the show:

BAGS: Obsessions of a Hoardaholic
one man – 7 nights – many obsessions
Written & Performed by  Lee  Michael  Buckman
Directed by  Brad Calcaterra

Glimpses of an obsessive personality and some of his adventures as he attempts desperately to cling onto objects and things that he thinks will help him navigate through life. While exploring and attempting to understand his OCD related instincts better, he searches for & finds the root of it and discovers that there’s a little bit of this inside each of us.

When I was writing this show, I thought I was outing my freak, but the more I spoke to people about it and heard their own experiences with obsessive nature, the more I realized how human and universal it was. The extra pens you stash in your desk. The packets of Sweet and Low from the coffee shop. That was my mother’s favorite. We found hundreds of them stashed in her stuff after she died. Or even hoarding your heart. I began this project to out myself as a hoarder and discovered we are all indeed hoarding something.

“BAGS: Obsessions of a Hoardaholic” will be performed at the historic Glen Morris Theatre
located at 4 Glen Morris Street (3 streets south of Blor St.W., just east of Spadina Ave.)                         
                                                          All tickets are $10

Wed.            July 1st              10:30 PM
Sat.             July 4th                3:30 PM
Sun.             July 5th              12:00 PM
Mon.            July 6th                8:30 PM
Wed.           July 8th                2:00 PM
Thurs.          July 9th              12:00 PM
Sat.             July 11th              6:30 PM

“an honest, funny and ultimately poignant exploration”…… the Daily Camera / Boulder, CO

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