The Banana Festival starts today!

So, this sounds like a pretty interesting thing, and it’s nice and cheap, which I’m always in favour of.  $10 will get you in to see some short plays, and, since it’s at a pub, you can have a pint while you check it out!

See the press release below:


Monkeyman Productions presents The Banana Festival. $10. The Imperial
Pub (54 Dundas Street East, Toronto). April 16th-17th  and 23rd -24th
@ 8pm each night and additional late-night shows at 10:30pm on the
17th and 24th. Running time for the event is approximately 100 min.
For info and reservations: 416-737-1267 or

The festival includes four short plays: ‘Monstrous Invisible’, a play
by Stephen Near about H.P. Lovecraft and his wife Sonia Greene;
‘’, an exploration of celebrity obsession
by Tasha Gordon-Solmon; D.J. Sylvis’ superhero story, ‘Fortress of
Solitude’; and ‘The Second Last Man on Earth’, a love triangle
orchestrated by Jordan Hall and set during the forthcoming zombie
apocalypse. All four are performed every night. The festival will also
feature musical interludes by Chelsea P. Manders.

The plays are directed by Laura Roald, Martin Chodorek, Lindsey
Alston, and Phil Rickaby, with Jessica Nelson acting as stage manager.
For the names of actors in the festival, please see the full cast list

The Banana Festival is Monkeyman’s fourth production. They will be
returning this fall with Monkey Sci-Fi Horrhehor Theatre II.